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spreaker review

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Are you looking for a podcast hosting site that can offer more flexibility to suit your needs? Check out Spreaker Studio ????️: The Podcast Creation Software and App.

From recording to analyzing your episode, this hosting site lets you stay at the top of your game with features that can support any of your devices. The best part? Spreaker is actually one of the best free podcast hosting sites that can accommodate your show. 

If you want to know more about how to take advantage of this generous hosting site, feel free to read ???? along. Let’s start!

Spreaker Review 

For both existing and aspiring content creators in this economy, getting a host could heighten or shorten the trajectory towards success ????. So, if you are a podcaster looking for a place to nurture and grow your podcast, I’d recommend Spreaker which offers a laundry list of solutions for your podcast troubles. 

With simplified publishing, streamlined distribution, and effortless monetization, creating a podcast with this hosting site will not be as intimidating as you think it would be.

What can I say? It’s the home of endless possibilities ????. 

What Is Spreaker?

Speaker is the best place to launch ???? your passion project or professional podcasting business. Whichever phase of your podcast journey you are, whether choosing the best podcast name, or already strategizing about how to market your podcast, this hosting site will not let you down. 

They’ve been part of the creator economy for more than a decade now. And, all they have been doing is to help their clients have a successful podcast launch. Also, they’re the first podcasting platform to fully support Chrome OS. This is THE dream ????! So, if you wish to make this a reality then you are on the right page.

Who is Spreaker For?

With their unparalleled solution and features ✨, Spreaker reigns supreme for publishers and large distributed teams in the podcast realm. But even if you are not an enterprise yet, you can still build your brand on this podcast hosting site.

How To Start Using Spreaker

Before you can fire up any of the functions in Spreaker, you will need to click the Start Podcasting. Then, select either Login or Sign Up. You will have to check the box ???? next to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before you can view your dashboard. 

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Moving Your Podcast to Spreaker

???? Moving your podcast to Spreaker means you already have one from either of the following platforms: 

  • Libsyn
  • SoundCloud
  • WordPress
  • Blubrry
  • AudioBoom
  • Podbean
  • Acast
  • BuzzSprout
  • FeedBurner
  • BlogTalkRadio
  • Anchor
  • Pippa
  • Zcast

If you are moving to this site, it’s a non-negotiable step to enable a feed redirection from your existing RSS feed to Spreaker. The redirect link allows seamless integration of your subscribers so they won’t need to subscribe to your show again. You wouldn’t want the time you spent ???? on audience curation to go to waste, don’t you?

Unfortunately, not all hosting sites support redirects— like iHeartRadio and Deezer. For these two sites, you will have to contact the technical team of Spreaker by shooting an email here. For Deezer, send your inquiry to this address.

You must have noticed ???? that Spotify was not on the list of platforms where you can move your show to. That’s because they used to not handle any form of redirection before. For more detailed instructions on how to submit your podcast to Spotify with Spreaker, head on to this link.

Save Your Finished Podcast Episode

Technically, if you haven’t published an episode yet, it’s still a draft. It may be because there’s no audio ???? file attached to it yet, or you still haven’t finished all the necessary tweaks. No worries. We all know that it takes time to always provide value consistently

To save your finished podcast episode in Spreaker, here’s what you should remember.

  • Spreaker only supports MP3, MP4, WAV, 3GP, AAC, AMR, FLAC, OGG, RA, WMA, ASF formats. If your audio file is in the heavy-sized WAV format, here’s a link to how to convert WAV to MP3.
  • Aside from the format, your audio file should also meet the 44100 Hz stereo, 16-bit, and MP3 128 Kbps CBR file settings. Otherwise, using the best podcast microphones to achieve supreme audio quality will be all for naught because it will just be re-encoded ????. 

Upload Your Podcast To Spreaker

Uploading your podcast to Spreaker is so easy that it feels like a breeze ????. In fact, if you are using your desktop to upload, the Content Management System from Spreaker allows quick publishing of your show in just a few seconds. This is perfect for when you have strategically scheduled an upload on a specific time that coincides with an event train you’d want to hop onto like the New Year, or perhaps the Fourth of July. 

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What you will need to do is:

  1. Log in to your Spreaker account. If you haven’t put a ring ???? on a podcast name yet, here’s some tips.
  2. On your dashboard, click Create.
  3. After inputting the required details, click Upload. A new box where you can select the MP3 file you want to attach to your episode will appear.
  4. Then, complete the information requested for uploading an episode with metadata. Now, don’t get intimidated just yet. Spreaker has prepared a crash course for authentication and command line tools ????, which you will definitely use and encounter when uploading an episode, here
  5. Do make sure to tick the check box next to the Download Enabled dialogue at the lower portion of the page. This will make your audience happy, knowing that they listen to your episode in their own leisure.
  6. Wait until your audio file has been completely uploaded before your hit Publish. 

Get The MP3 Download Link

Now, this is something that’s literally over in under three seconds ????. 

  1. Go to your episode’s URL on Spreaker. Right-click on your mouse or trackpad.
  2. Click the download link. Press Ctrl + C, or right-click again then hit Copy Link Address.

Paste The Link Into PowerPress & Publish!

Finally, the two last steps ???? would be:

  1. To press Ctrl + V In the Media URL box of PowerPress; aaaand
  2. To hit Verify.

After these, you are just gonna wait for confirmation that your episode is live and ready for downloading, too. If you wish to add show notes, add in the text on WordPress and hit Publish. 

Spreaker Features

I’m sure that you are interested ???? to know more about what features you can work with on Spreaker. So without further ado, here they are.  

spreaker review - 3

Clean Interface

Beginners and professional podcasters would always look for a simple but intuitive interface. Less visual clutter allows the mind ???? to function better and with the clean interface from Spreaker, you will definitely get tunnel focus on the work at hand.

Dominating all device sizes, whether it’s the browser on your PC or the half-a-foot screen on the palm of your hand, Spreaker has got the perfect app for you. If this convenience isn’t enough to make you consider this hosting site, I’m positive that the next features will help build my case ????.

Listening Platform to Grow Your Audience

While it is important that your episodes remain available to your audiences for downloading ????, a listening platform that allows you to grow your following will surely take podcast engagement to the next level. Even though it may not be as popular as Spotify, Apple, or Google Podcasts, the Spreaker Podcast Player App will still be as useful for audience curation and community management.

One-Click Distribution

The good thing about the Spreaker Podcast Player App not being as popular as Spotify, Apple ????, or Google Podcasts is that you can always distribute to these popular podcast platforms with just one click. Not to mention that the more places your podcast is available in, the more pings you will get on the search engine that can boost your SEO status.

What’s more is that Spreaker has the most distribution options among the other hosting sites up and running today. Talk about achieving maximum exposure!

Spreaker Studio

Ever heard of a podcast creation software and app that’s completely free and absolutely bomb ????? That’s Spreaker Studio for you! 

spreaker review - 4

Aside from the basic tasks like recording, publishing, distributing, and analyzing your podcast, the Studio also offers unrivaled flexibility to strike the perfect balance ⚖️ between convenience and functionality. If I were to dress my podcast, this is where I want to do it.

Insightful Analytics

You may have all the data you need but if you don’t know how to interpret it, how can you optimize your analytics? Spreaker helps you out by delivering easy-to-digest information ???? so you will know where to go with your IAB Tech Lab-certified, accurate numbers. 

Social Media Sharing and Embedded Players

As much as you want to let everyone know that your latest podcast episode is live, you can’t share the whole clip to your networking sites ????. But, you can:

  1. Copy the link to your episode and paste it to your social media posts and stories for immediate dissemination. I’m not sure if you can do this on TikTok but I’m positive that it’s a common sight on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. 
  2. Use embedded audio players on your website. If you don’t have one yet, here’s why you should create a website for your podcast.

Flexible Monetization Options

Some hosting sites don’t necessarily limit the monetization of your podcast. To add, they also do not offer options to improve your current strategy. But with Spreaker, you will have effortless podcast monetization in just one click ????. Choose where to place your paid ads within your episode to maximize your earning. Hopefully, you’ve paid attention to your analytics enough to figure out what works best for your show.

Spreaker Customer Service Team

It’s a good thing that the customer service team and technical support crew have answered questions and given advice to clients about the software and app effectively, albeit in written, blog-type form. At least they’re comprehensive and easy to follow. 

While the Spreaker team are amicable and very helpful, they can only be reached via email ????. For some of you, this is perfect for when you are not particularly fond of talking to a representative via phone call or chat. 

But, say you want to talk to a representative for a payment refund because you forgot to cancel your subscription and you were automatically charged for a renewal. Obviously you’d badly want to talk over the phone ☎️ for immediate response, right? But instead, what they can offer is communication via email which can be pretty frustrating I must say.

Spreaker Promotion Tools

Spreaker has a bunch of third-party apps ready to help you promote and grow your podcast ????.

Podcast Distribution

If you want to reach far and wide, the one-click distribution by Spreaker is the way to go. You will soon be able to listen to your show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Deezer, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, JioSaavn and other RSS-catching platforms. Once you are in, let your community know by using other promotion tools ???? from this section. 

Email with MailChimp

You’d think that direct messaging is the best way to engage with your audience. But, actually creating an email list would be a more intimate way of communicating with your lovely subscribers. With Spreaker, you can share the link to your podcast via email so they’ll be sure to receive it. Unlike stories which only last for 24 hours, recipients can go back to that message ???? at their own convenience. 


Spreaker can also help you out in making your episodes more readable ???? and searchable, effectively boosting your SEO rankings. You can use the third-party apps from YouTube, Temi, and Descript for automatic transcription of your audio file to text. It also helps that Spreaker has its own CMS for easier sharing to these apps. 


Another third-party partner, Headliner App, makes Spreaker clients’ promotion as eye-catching ???? as it is eargasmic by producing audiograms. This repurposed content is the easiest way to tease both your current and potential listeners because you are putting together all the essential features. This “less is more” version of your episode can now be conveniently shared to social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. 

Spreaker.com and Spreaker Podcast Player

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a podcast website because you will be getting most of the perks from Spreaker.com. Except, of course, the full control of the website. But then again, you‘d want to have all the exposure your podcast can get. Your episode will also be playable and downloadable ???? via Spreaker Podcast Player, which is just like Spotify or Apple Podcast.

Embedded player 

For seamless redirection of visitor traffic ???? from different places on the internet to your official website, an embedded player is essential. You won’t need to worry about hosting, analytics, and other podcast-related technicalities because Spreaker has your back. 

You can either embed from an episode or podcast page or from the CMS into a WordPress website. If you want a more cohesive and organized location, you can opt to create an account embedded player. Here’s how. 

Creating a Facebook Fan Page for your Podcast

This is a hit and miss technique for promoting your podcast to existing listeners but if you are looking to expand your reach and diversify your demographics, creating a Facebook Fan Page is worth the shot. Again, you will only need to input your podcast URL from Spreaker to the page Description and the rest ???? will be taken care of by Spreaker.

Spreaker Pricing

Spreaker caters to a wide range of podcasters, so you don’t need to worry about finding the perfect plan and pricing ???? for you.

For professional podcasters, Spreaker offers these four options:

  1. $0 – Free Speech ????

Multiple podcast hosting

  1. $7/mo – On-Air Talent (Go PRO)

Multiple podcast hosting, customizable RSS feeds, programmatic monetization

  1. $20/mo – Broadcaster (Most Popular)

Multiple podcast hosting, customizable RSS feeds, programmatic monetization, paid subscriptions, advanced statistics ????

  1. $50/mo – Anchorman (Go PRO)

Multiple podcast hosting, customizable RSS feeds, programmatic monetization, paid subscriptions, full statistics, customizable player colors

For enterprise owners, the perfect plan from Spreaker costs $120/mo. It’s also called the  Publisher plan which includes audio ads trafficking tools, collaboration feature, and priority support.

If you’re interested, here’s a more detailed list of what you’re getting with your money ????.

  • Unlimited listeners, podcast catalog, and episodes for podcasting
  • One-click distribution, an RSS feed for each podcast (which are all customizable, by the way)
  • Ad revenue sharing, dynamic ad insertion, paid subscriptions, and unlimited impressions for your monetization needs
  • Trusted data for downloads, listening sources, listener’s ???? geolocation, and devices split
  • BONUS: live podcasting, followers trend, episode evolution, daily unique listeners stat, and full player customization.

Spreaker Pros And Cons

Now that we’ve tackled everything there is to know about Spreaker, I’ve summarized the most significant pros and cons to help ???? you decide whether this hosting site is the most suitable for your show.

What’s Good?What’s Not?
Free version (Free Speech)Payment-related issues are hard to settle
Overall positive feedback from clientsLimited customer service
Clean and intuitive interface
Lots of third-party apps for increasing your searchability
Spreaker Studio allows live streaming and episode recording
Quick migration
Easy-to-digest analytics

Final Verdict

What you should be looking for a podcast hosting site is how much it reduces the hurdle between you and your dream ???? podcast. So, if we’re to recommend the best podcast hosting site for you, Spreaker definitely makes it on the list as a one-stop shop solution for all your podcasting blues. 

In my opinion, the best bit about Spreaker is their free plan! But, if you switch to any of the Pro versions, you have to be vigilant about when this subscription ends. Otherwise, asking for a refund after they have automatically charged your account would be a headache ????.

What You Should Know About Spreaker

  • What is Spreaker?

Spreaker is the perfect hosting site for beginners, professionals, and enterprise-owners alike. From podcast creation to monetization, Spreaker has the right tools ⛏ and solutions for you. The possibilities here are endless!

  • Is Spreaker Studio really free?

Yes, it is! You can even have the Spreaker Studio App on your Windows or Mac, as well as your iOS or Android smartphones. With this app, recording or live broadcasting has never been this easy.

  • Is Spreaker any good?

With its beefy features and lots of promotional and monetization tools, I reckon that Spreaker is as good as other popular hosting sites out there. Imagine having great support ????, lots of resources, and tailored services for your perusal— all in one place!

  • How much does Spreaker cost?

Well, you can spend nothing for Free Speech and still get multiple podcasts hosting. But if you want more features for a more successful professional podcast career, the Pro versions range from $7 to $50 per month. For bigger and bolder podcast enterprises, that’s about $120 per month.

  • Which is better: Spreaker or BuzzSprout?

First of all, here’s our BuzzSprout review, if you haven’t read it. Second of all, reviews from this source have favored BuzzSprout over Spreaker. But this doesn’t mean that Spreaker is not a worthy competitor. It all boils ???? down to your podcast needs.

Login to your Spreaker account. Click the My Podcasts at the top right then head onto the Distribution tab. Click Spotify then Submit.

You Might Also Ask

  • Can you make money with Spreaker?

You sure can. Spreaker is very generous in providing monetization options for your podcast. Just record ???? an episode, strategically place paid ads within your episode, distribute, then you can start making money on Spreaker in no time.

  • Can you listen to Spreaker offline?

Of course! That’s what the Spreaker Podcast Radio ???? App is for. But, it’s only compatible with iOS as of the moment.

  • Does Spreaker post to iTunes?

iTunes Podcasts has officially been rebranded to Apple Podcasts in 2017. With Spreaker’s one-click distribution, you can get your show into Apple Podcasts and other popular podcast aggregators for a wider coverage.

  • How does Spreaker monetization work?

The main monetization strategy on Spreaker is the Ad Revenue Sharing program. With this, you will have to know at which part of your episode you should squeeze in a paid ad for it to have the greatest visibility and engagement. This way, you and Spreaker can earn money ???? from the ads.

  • What is Spreaker app?

Spreaker app would be your best friend in this world of live broadcast or recorded audio ???? episodes. You can record, publish, distribute, and analyze your podcast with just a swipe of your finger or a tap on your mouse. Whichever gadget you are more comfortable to work with, you will still have the same level of total flexibility from the Spreaker app.

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