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libsyn review

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Every hosting site offers simplified podcasting and powerful???? stats. But Libsyn says that it does podcast hosting the way you want it.

Do you believe them? Or are you even the slightest bit interested in checking out one of the best podcast hosting sites?

Either way, you should check out this comprehensive review of Libsyn. If you already have a hosting site but are experiencing some issues with your current host or are in the market ???? for a new one, I suggest that you stay and hang out for a bit.

Here’s one of the largest podcast hosts that have been around since 2004, Libsyn.

Libsyn Review

For a hosting site with nearly two decades of experience, you can expect that Libsyn doesn’t just offer the bare minimum for podcasters. As you go through this post, you will see that Libsyn has one of the most updated tools ???? and customization options that you can expect from an expert brand.

But, like all established and top-of-the-line products and services, Libsyn could be making a dent in your bank account. The good thing is, you’ll be getting what you paid for.

What Is Libsyn?

Libsyn, short for liberated syndication, is a podcast hosting site trusted by the world’s renowned media companies like Spotify, Pandora, and ????, to name a few.

Right off the bat, I’d say that if Libsyn was able to create and sustain growth opportunities and partnerships with such big names, then things are looking pretty good at the get-go.

Who is Libsyn For?

This podcast hosting site does not discriminate against beginners, professionals, and enterprises. You’ll be treated like royalty ???? with Libsyn’s excellent hosting support and service.

How To Start Using Libsyn

Before you can fully access the features of Libsyn, you’ll need a hosting account first. You have to head to the upper right portion of your browser ???? and click Sign Up. But, if you already have an account on Libsyn, just go ahead and Log In.

libsyn review - 1

Once you’re in, have your podcast details ready for copying and pasting because you’ll need them in the next steps. Usually, they’ll request the email address connected to the podcast as well as the RSS feed URL for verification purposes.

This shouldn’t take more than two days ☀️ but if they found an issue or something questionable (hopefully none), then it’s probably longer.

How to Move Your Podcast to Libsyn

Keep in mind that you don’t have control over the time it takes for your show to be included on the list ???? when you’re submitting to podcast directories and aggregators. Consequently, you can expect a bit of delay when you want to pull out from a directory and move to another.

You don’t want your subscribers to be confused about this migration, right? So, here’s what to do:

  1. Place a 301 redirect link on your old ???? hosting site to the new one. This way, you won’t be losing any of your curated audience.
  2. Secure a new RSS feed URL for your show. While some aggregators will be content with just these two, there are others that require a different route for redirection.

2.1. Stitcher

As long as the redirect link still goes live (preferably for a month so your listeners ???? can familiarize themselves with the new setup), you’ll encounter no hiccups with Stitcher. But once the link goes offline, so does Stitcher.

To address this, you have to manually update the URL through their Partner Portal. You can also contact them directly, even before you put in a redirect link. It’s much easier and it saves you the hassle midway to your migration.

2.2 Anchor

On your Anchor dashboard, head to Settings ⚙️ and click Distribution from the dropdown menu. After you do, scroll to the bottom of the page. You should find the Redirect URL form where you can input the 301 link to Libsyn. Hit Redirect my podcast, confirm your action, and save the changes.

These to-dos are important because top listening platforms like Apple Podcasts require these for updating their directory. So, if you don’t want to be stressed out, have these two ticked off before you go deep in your podcasting workflow in Libsyn.


There’s no standard procedure for creating a podcast. You have the creative freedom to experiment with your content and how you are going to present it to the audio world. With this being said, you can focus on the things you can control, like your microphone ???? or audio file formats.

Presumably, your podcast is complete and ready before you submit it to any of the hosting sites out there. But are you already using one of the best podcast microphones?

Once you’ve chosen the most suitable gear for you, you also need to consider the audio file requirements for your hosting site. If you’re not familiar, you’ll need to convert a WAV file to MP3[1]  for your own sanity. Actually, this conversion applies to every other file type because MP3 is the most convenient to work on ????.

If you’re interested in repurposing your content and uploading it on YouTube or other watching sites, then maybe you can consider whether you should get a USB or an XLR microphone.

Upload & Publishing

Once you have your polished episodes, you can now proceed to upload and publish. If you’ve chosen Libsyn as your host, click Log in on the welcome page. Then, input the episode title, artwork ????, and other details as requested on that page. After that, just click the button that says something about Publish your episode and you’re good to go!

If you’re interested, here are some tips on how to choose the best podcast name that you can also apply to your episode titles.


If you have a few episodes handy, go big in distribution by submitting your podcast to podcatchers and aggregators. If you’re eyeing ???? Spotify as one of the listening platforms for your podcast, click here to know more.

Libsyn Features

Now that you’ve learned the basics of navigating ???? Libsyn, let’s check out what’s in store for you on this impressive hosting site.

1.    OnPublish

Your Libsyn-provided RSS Feed and the OnPublish feature allow quick publishing of your show to platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and ????Apple Podcasts, among others. Leave the compatibility issues to Libsyn and just focus on providing value consistently for your curated audience.

libsyn review - 2

More specifically, the OnPublish feature also comes with the following benefits:

  • Remove or add new Content using bulk editing tools that are user-friendly
  • Know more about your audience, how they access your show, and which platform is their favorite. From here, make sure you use the best promotional tools to boost ???? your stats.
  • Customize destination deliveries. Tweak a few settings to help make your show stand out.
  • Optimize your analytics and decide when and where you should publish to gain high exposure for your show. It’s all about the perfect timing.

2.    Libsyn Player

Although some hosting sites offer web ????️ players, it’s hard to find one that you can personalize to make it an extension of your brand. But with Libsyn, this isn’t a problem!

In fact, here are the things you can play with on the Libsyn Player:

  • An episode playlist or just a single episode
  • Player size to make it more fitting for your brand and style
  • Thumbnails that you can choose to turn on or off depending on the whole vibe of your player
  • Start time of a specific episode that you can adjust based on the analytics that Libsyn provides about your podcast ????
  • Playback direction for new and current listeners so they won’t need to scroll or navigate the page to get to the episode they want to catch up on.
  • Custom colors to match your brand’s aesthetic. Yours can be as bright or as neutral as you’d want it to be. Color in!

3.    Custom Apps

I think media consumers, like you and I, can recognize the fact that an app is the most convenient way to experience a product or a service. Even more so, those who are part of the creator economy ???? should be able to fully maximize this tool for success.

libsyn review - 3

Brilliantly, here’s what the custom apps from Libsyn offer to you and your audience:

  • Full support from the app building process to the end-users
  • Custom colors and graphics to make things more fun and exciting ????!
  • Consistent presence across Google Play, Amazon, iOS App Store, and other app markets to prevent gadget discrimination. But be cautious of the additional fees and requirements of each app store.
  • Car mode ready, so anyone can relax while driving by listening to your show instead of fumbling with a gadget to press the play button.
  • Deluxe audience experience thanks to the continuous playback, auto download, skips, repeat, sleep timer, and other settings
  • Multimedia compatibility
  • Easy episode and show sharing to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Communication tools ⚒ for social media integrations and links
  • Favorite and download lists! Now, this is an offer I wouldn’t want to miss.
  • Notifications and custom alerts so you can enjoy the silence once in a while, or just filter through the ones that don’t interest you that much. However, this comes with an additional fee.

However, the more customizations you want to do, the lighter your pocket gets. So, unless having a feature is non-negotiable for you, I suggest that you only pick ⛏️ the ones that would help you invest in your presence.

4.    Libsyn Directory

This podcast hosting site is very transparent when it comes to their directory. You can check out which shows are also powered by Libsyn with topics ranging from the Arts to Society and Culture to Sports ⚽.

But, the premium ones are, you know it, exclusive. While Libsyn does not force you to go pro, you know full well that premium content is a league of its own. 

5.    LibsynPro

Speaking of going Pro, the premium account on Libsyn flaunts features that are guaranteed to make podcasting a more enjoyable and less exhausting ???? hobby or profession.

Still not convinced? Wait for the detailed list of features in the next few sections and you be the judge of how LibsynPro fares.

6.    The Feed

Learning is a life-long process, right? If you believe so, then you might find The Feed from Libsyn as the perfect example of encouraging life-long learners ????, such as podcasters like you, to pursue continuous improvement. This show is essential for keeping up with industry news, updates, and general best practices.

The podcast for podcasters hosted by Hall of Famers Elsie Escobar and Rob Walch, also known as The Feed, can be streamed on its website. But, you can also tune in to listening platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Radio Public, whichever works best for you.

7.    Stats

If your main consideration in choosing a new host is the ability to optimize your analytics, then you really need to look at what Libsyn’s stats can do for you. Aside from the basic, exporting ????, and advanced statistics, you get to see more information about your show using:

  • Custom tracking codes
  • Unique Metrics and IAB Metrics
  • Libsyn representation to most of the listening platforms out there except for Facebook, SoundCloud, Youtube, and Google Play Music

Uniques is the algorithm crafted by Libsyn. In a way, it’s the internal metric of your statistics. But for more powerful ???? filtering of data, you can also access the external metrics accredited by the IAB.

Libsyn Promotion Tools

Thinking of ways to market your show after you execute a successful podcast launch strategy? With Libsyn, you’ve got many promotional tools included in any of the plans on this site. Feel free to mix and match to find which ones will suit ???? your show best.

1.    Apple Podcasts Optimization

If you want to submit to the most popular directories like Apple Podcasts, you’d want the process to be as smooth as possible without sacrificing ???? the quality or branding of your show. With Libsyn, it’s possible to:

  • Choose your apple podcast title or category
  • Provide a summary
  • Organize the episode type, full, trailer, or bonus
  • Add the season and episode numbers
  • See the ratings
  • Publish the author

2.    WordPress Libsyn Publisher Hub

If you started your show on WordPress (huge thanks to its built-in RSS feed system), then you’d find ???? the Libsyn Publisher Hub plugin to be heaven-sent.

3.    Compliant RSS Feed

Compatibility issues with other listening ???? platforms? You’ll never hear of that in Libsyn because they give you 100 percent compliant RSS feeds.

4.    FTP Upload Support

You did convert your WAV to MP3 audio file but it’s still a bit heavy and takes up much space? Don’t fret. Libsyn’s FTP upload support has got you covered! ????

5.    Audio, Video, PDF, and text Posts

One word. Multimedia. Go big and explore ???? other file types because Libsyn can host and distribute them for you. Another good reason to repurpose content!

6.    File Manager

Too many files to scour through? With Libsyn’s File Manager, you’ll feel like you have an executive assistant. Just make sure you know exactly which files ???? you want.

7.    Libsyn Directory Listing

Know how you can leverage your guest’s audience through your show to market your podcast? Well, you can also take advantage of the directory listing from Libsyn to attract ???? more audiences through discovery opportunities.

You’d think that’s all, right? But Libsyn has a few other tricks up its sleeve. If you’re interested to know more about them, click here.

Libsyn Pricing

All of the plans let you enjoy the features ✨ and promotional tools we’ve enumerated earlier. In addition, you can also have:

  • Unlimited audience
  • Podcast Page Mini Site
  • Podcast Source App Listing
  • Advanced Episode Scheduling

Libsyn offers relatively more plans than other hosting sites I’ve encountered before. But the most significant feature that corresponds to the increase in price value ???? of a plan is the storage. See the number on its name? That’s how much storage you can get with it.

1.    $5 – Classic 50

50MB storage and $2 a month each for Libsyn Basic Statistics and for Using your Own Domain. Access to double opt-in for advertising is optional. No access to MyLibsyn Premium Paywall and other advanced tools ????.

2.    $15/mo – Classic 250

250MB storage and $2 a month for Using your Own Domain. Access to double opt-in for advertising is optional. No access to MyLibsyn Premium Paywall ???? and other advanced tools.

3.    $20/mo – Advanced 400

400MB storage. Access to double opt-in for advertising and MyLibsyn Premium Paywall is optional. Downloadable Stats Reporting and Advanced IAB v2.0 Stats are accessible. But it’s $10 a month each for an additional 200MB ???? of storage and apps on iOS and Android. Then, the $2 for Using your Own Domain.

4.    $40/mo – Advanced 800

800MB storage. Access to double opt-in for advertising and MyLibsyn Premium Paywall is optional. Downloadable Stats Reporting and Advanced IAB v2.0 Stats are accessible. But it’s $10 a month each for an additional 200MB of storage and apps on iOS ???? and Android. Then, the $2 for Using your Own Domain.

5.    $75/mo – Advanced 1500

1500MB storage plus the features ???? of the advanced plans

6.     $150/mo – Advanced 3000

3000MB storage ???? plus the features of the advanced plan

Libsyn Pros And Cons

I’d say that Libsyn, without a doubt, is one of the best podcast hosting sites today. But, here’s a closer, more objective look ???? of Libsyn.

What’s GoodWhat’s Not
Jam-packed featuresTakes a while to figure out all of the features
Updated interface and toolsNot friendly to traditional users
Expert brand (and it shows)No free plan (even for trials)
Excellent customer support and accessible platforms 

Final Verdict

If you are to apply the Pareto Principle for promotion, your 20 percent effort or investment that could lead to 80 percent of the results might be choosing the crème de la crème of the hosting sites out there. In this case, Libsyn would be the top recommendation ????.

While it’s a little on the pricier side and does not offer free trials for you to explore, the fact that they are putting a premium on their service speaks for itself. I kid you not, this hosting site has one of the most jam-packed features I’ve ever reviewed. But then again, what’s great about the many features is also what makes them difficult to handle. If you have the patience to learn and the money to spend, Libsyn will be worth every penny.

If you have time to spare, you can also check out our reviews for Simplecast, Resonate, Spreaker, Transistor, Buzzsprout, and Captivate to help my case.

Not only will Libsyn make podcasting easier for you ????, but also provide a better experience for your current and potential audiences.

What You Should Know About Libsyn

  • What is Libsyn?

Libsyn is an all-in-one host and distribution site for most of the media ???? types you’d want to publish. Be it audio, video, PDF, or text, Libsyn can take care of that for you.

  • Is Libsyn any good?

It is! With competitive features and updated promotional tools, you’ll have one of the best podcasting experiences on Libsyn. That is when you’re able to learn how everything works. I’m sure you’ll get along well, but it could take some time.

  • How much Does Libsyn cost?

Libsyn pricing plans cost from $5 to $150 per month ????.

  • Which is better: Libsyn or BuzzSprout?

For the best value for your money, Buzzsprout wins over Libsyn. Especially since Buzzsprout has a free trial and is easier to learn how to use, Libsyn is not the crowd’s favorite. But if you’re looking for more advanced features to complement your advanced skills, Libsyn should fit the glove.

  • How do I connect Spotify to Libsyn?

Once you’ve logged into your Libsyn account ????, head on to the Destinations tab and click on Spotify. Once you’ve input the required details, hit Agree then wait for the approval. For more detailed instructions, here’s how to submit to Spotify on Libsyn.

You Might Also Ask

  • Can you make money with Libsyn?

Yes, you can. Out of the 11 ways a creator can earn money online monetization, Libsyn allows you to sell ???? access to your podcast. The exclusivity and freedom to make your terms on selling make Libsyn the perfect partner if this method is the one you prefer.  

  • Can you listen to Libsyn offline?

Of course! Go ahead and download any episode for you to enjoy at your own leisure.

  • Does Libsyn upload to Apple Podcast?

Yes! In fact, Libsyn sort of has a preference for Apple Podcasts ???? based on the requirements they’ll need from you. Well, it’s understandable since Apple Podcast is one of the directories you’d want your show to be included in.

  • How does Libsyn monetization work?

To set things straight, Libsyn earns through paid ads strategically stitched in your files for publishing. Don’t worry. After the campaign culminates, the inserted ad will also be gone.

  • Where do you find your RSS feed for Libsyn?

Just go to the Destinations tab ???? of your Libsyn account and you’ll find our RSS feed there.

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