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g suite alternatives

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Google Workspace, or formerly G Suite, is undoubtedly one of the best productivity solutions in the market. Many organizations use it for its excellent features and familiar set of tools. However, while this solution is great, it’s not entirely perfect. Users look for alternatives because of some downsides.

  1. G Suite can be expensive to maintain because of its subscription-based pricing.
  2. It can be lacking in terms of integration capabilities and collaboration tools.
  3. It is not a fully-featured solution for some businesses.

We understand how difficult it is to look for an alternative especially now that there are maybe thousands to choose from. To help you decide, we compiled a list of the best G Suite alternatives to use for different cases. 

Let’s get right to them!


Top G Suite Alternatives

Here, you’ll find 18 alternatives to G Suite. Some of them are completely free, while others offer both free and paid plans. Let’s take a look at the best features of each alternative to know which is the ideal solution for you.


Free G Suite Alternatives

1. LibreOffice – Free

LibreOffice should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for an absolutely free alternative to G Suite. This free and open-source solution is one of thesuccessors to the discontinued office suite called

g suite alternatives - 1

On top of the typical office applications, LibreOffice comes with additional productivity applications: Draw, Base, and Math. 

If you need a diagramming and flowcharting tool, the Draw application has you covered. Are you looking for a database application? Base is readily available from the suite. LibreOffice also has a handy formula editor called Math that you can always invoke for your documents, spreadsheets, or presentations if you need to insert scientific and mathematical formulas.


  • It’s packed with the essential office tools
  • It is a free and open-source software


  • It has a clunky user interface
  • It lacks collaboration tools

2. Zoho Workspace – With Free Plan

Zoho is a great solution for small to medium-sized companies. As with Google Workspace, Zoho comes with its own set of office applications, so your team can seamlessly create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

g suite alternatives - 2

What’s great about Zoho is that it goes beyond the typical office and collaboration tools. It offers a wide range of solutions for almost any facet of business, ranging from human resources to customer service.


  • It’s easy to set up
  • It features a user-friendly interface


  • It lacks integration capabilities to third-party tools

3. Samepage – With Free Plan

Samepage is the perfect project management tool for virtual teams that focus on content creation. With its online collaboration and communication tools like video conferencing, team chat, and task management, your team can have a smoother system of accomplishing things. 

g suite alternatives - 3

Like G Suite, Samepage also has its own office applications. Users can work from any device and make real-time changes to documents, spreadsheets, and diagrams. With its extensive set of features, Samepage definitely lives up to its goal of efficiently making all members of your team work on the same page.


  • It features a sleek and simple user interface
  • It has video conferencing and task management tools


  • Third-party integration is limited

4. ProtonMail – With Free Plan

ProtonMail is another email service provider that puts emphasis on privacy. Their system employs end-to-end encryption so you can be confident that your emails cannot be decrypted and shared to third parties.

g suite alternatives - 4

Apart from top-notch security, ProtonMail features a sleek and modern look. Its carefully-designed interface helps you effortlessly navigate from your inbox to other tools within the platform, such as Calendar and Drive. With this G Suite alternative, you can make sure that your team stays on track for all of your projects.


  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • It employs end-to-end data encryption 


  • It has limited organization features

5. Apache OpenOffice – Free

Like LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice originated from the then famous This open-source productivity suite also provides you with the essential office apps that can support documents, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, and so much more. 

g suite alternatives - 5

Unlike other G Suite alternatives, Apache OpenOffice doesn’t support real-time collaboration and cloud computing, so it’s a good pick for individuals or teams that work offline.


  • Free and open-source
  • It supports a variety of file formats


  • No real-time collaboration features

6. Asana – With Free Plan

If you want a G Suite alternative that can help streamline your business operations, you might want to look into project management tools like Asana.

g suite alternatives - 6

Asana provides you with a full-fledged system of process management. Among its notable features are the Kanban-style boards and Gantt charts for managing your teams and tasks. Right from its interface, you have instant access to the Calendar feature so you can always keep track of the progress of all your projects.

Asana’s integration capability is the prime reason why it’s one of the best G Suite alternatives. It supports over 100 app integrations including Office 365, Google Drive, and Adobe Creative Cloud. Asana serves as the ultimate platform that can bind all your tools and data under one roof.


  • It features comprehensive Gantt charts and Kanban boards
  • It can be integrated to over 100 third-party applications


  • A task can only be assigned to one user at a time 

7. Wrike – With Free Plan

Wrike is another project management solution that can be an alternative to G Suite. Driven by its goal of removing digital barriers, Wrike equips your team with essential productivity tools and provides you with a virtual workspace that makes cross-departmental collaboration possible.

g suite alternatives - 7

Just like Asana, Wrike features interactive Kanban boards and Gantt charts along with other task management tools. It also supports app integration, allowing you to connect with Dropbox, Gmail, Google Sheets, and other useful third-party applications.


  • It features great collaboration and task management tools
  • It can be integrated to most popular tools


  • Users find the user interface to be confusing at times
  • Many users complain about Wrike’s slow response time 

8. – With Free Plan has everything you need to boost your team’s productivity and efficiency. This G Suite alternative can centralize all your tasks, data, processes, and tools into a single system so your team can have a common workplace.

g suite alternatives - 8

Whether you are currently managing a design team that extensively uses Adobe Creative Cloud, or a software development firm that utilizes GitHub, can smoothly integrate these tools to keep your progress going.


  • It features workflow automation
  • It includes timesheet tracking feature


  • It has limited reporting capabilities

9. OpenProject – With Free Plan

OpenProject is an open-source team collaboration and project management solution. Perhaps you are searching for an alternative to G Suite because of privacy concerns. If so, you may be interested to know that this solution is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With this, you won’t have to worry about your data being used for purposes other than what you intended.

g suite alternatives - 9

OpenProject is highly flexible. It can fit almost any type of project management, whether it be traditional, agile, or hybrid approach. Have an overview of all your projects and manage them with ease through its comprehensive project portfolio management feature.

Beyond its set of project management tools, OpenProject also supports integration with some of the popular tools like Microsoft Project and GitHub.


  • Highly flexible project management solution
  • Easy to set up


  • Limited collaboration features

10. Jira – With Free Plan

IT companies may find Jira to be the ideal virtual workplace environment and a great alternative to G Suite. Jira comes with a comprehensive set of project management tools as well as extensive data and reporting features so you can stay on top of all your projects regardless of their complexity.

g suite alternatives - 10

Jira can also be integrated into most of the tools you use everyday like MS Office apps, Adobe XD, and Figma. With this app, you can look forward to a more efficient and productive workflow.


  • It supports integration with many popular tools
  • It is highly customizable


  • Jira’s user interface is a bit cluttered, according to most user reviews

11. Bitrix24 – With Free Plan

Bitrix24 could be what you’re looking for if you need an entire ecosystem for your business processes. In terms of scope, Bitrix24 has more features than G Suite. This platform provides you with all the tools necessary to run your business, including collaboration, CRM, task management, website building, and HR management tools.

Bitrix24 is consistently driven to develop a perfect virtual workspace that any business will want to have. As evidenced by its multitude of features, Bitrix24 truly wants to live up to its catchphrase: “The Only Business Software You’ll Need”.


  • It has extensive collaboration and task management tools
  • It has a time tracking feature


  • It’s challenging to set up

12. OnlyOffice – With Free Plan

You can also use OnlyOffice to manage all your documents, emails, projects, and processes under a single environment so you can work harmoniously with your team. This Google Workspace alternative lets you create and co-author documents, spreadsheets and presentations from within the platform.

OnlyOffice can support the typical file formats like docx, xlsx, pptx, ppt, and html. That being the case, you will not have a hard time importing files that are created outside this workspace.


  • It supports most Office app file formats
  • It allows co-authoring on documents and other files


  • It lacks integration capabilities


Paid G Suite Alternatives

Now, we look into some of the best paid alternatives to G Suite. If you have the budget and extra resources to spend, consider investing in these tools. 

13. Fastmail

One of the selling points of G Suite is its comprehensive email service, Gmail. But due to privacy concerns, some users have been looking for alternatives that can match this service, while making sure that their data is not compromised.

This is where Fastmail enters the picture. It is a very reliable and secure email service provider that offers you the facility to create professional-looking email addresses for your users. It doesn’t take advantage of you by reading your messages in order to show you advertisements. Instead, its purpose revolves solely around improving your team’s communication.

As part of its email service solution, Fastmail features built-in collaboration tools like contacts, calendars, and folders to help you keep everything organized. You can control the level of access of users through its Admin control feature, which gives you enhanced security layers for confidential business data.

Considering all these tools and features, Fastmail is a good investment for your email and productivity needs. 


  • Includes built-in collaboration tools such as calendars, contacts and folders
  • It can import messages from other email services


  • It lacks integration with third-party services.

14. Rackspace

Rackspace is the ideal solution for those who are loyal to Microsoft Office, but want to enjoy the convenience brought by G Suite. It is a cloud computing solution that is fully integrated with Office 365.

Through Rackspace, your team can level up their MS Office experience. This solution facilitates seamless collaboration and communication among members by bringing all Office apps into a central workplace. In addition, Rackspace allows the creation of business email IDs for both your members, and different areas of your business like marketing, sales, and support.


  • It features an easy-to-navigate user interface
  • It is powered by reliable cloud servers
  • Great customer support


  • It’s relatively expensive

15. Microsoft 365 Business

Of course, as one of the pioneers of office applications, Microsoft holds the reputation of revolutionizing the way businesses work.

It continues to do so as the company now also offers Microsoft 365, a suite of productivity tools that can drive your business. More than the typical tools that we are already accustomed to (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Microsoft 365 consists of cloud-based teamwork and communication tools as well as file storage and sharing features to help your business stay on top of its game.


  • It facilitates seamless team collaboration
  • It features the familiar Office productivity tools


  • Some users complain about its compatibility issues to older systems

16. GoDaddy Email and Office

You’ve probably already heard of GoDaddy as a web hosting service. Today, the company is also a provider of productivity solutions. GoDaddy’s Email and Office service offers a cloud-based workspace for you to be in sync with your team. 

A great thing about this service is that it lets you create multiple business email addresses under your own domain name. This helps your business to appear more professional. And thanks to its partnership with Microsoft, GoDaddy has managed to include Office 365 apps to its list of services.

With these features and tools bundled into a single solution, the GoDaddy Email and Office service has become a great alternative to G Suite.


  • It allows you to create multiple email addresses for your business
  • Excellent system uptime


  • The user interface is a bit clunky according to user reviews

17. The Arrangers

The Arrangers is an email service provider similar to Fastmail. This solution features an intuitive and responsive design, providing you with a smooth experience regardless of your device’s screen size. 

Like other alternatives, The Arrangers also has several productivity tools such as calendar, task manager, and contacts. All these tools are integrated within the platform so you can always access them immediately when needed.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to G Suite, The Arrangers is something you might want to check out.


  • Responsive user interface
  • It has built-in calendar and task manager


  • It lacks integration features

18. Greatmail

Greatmail is a cloud-based email hosting that also puts emphasis on users’ privacy. Powered by an industry-leading private cloud infrastructure, Greatmail provides a high level of reliability and security for your business. Keep your work going as Greatmail handles all the technicalities for you.

Greatmail is compatible with most popular personal information managers like Outlook, Gmail, and Thunderbird. Sync your messages at all times across all your devices with this email host service.


  • Compatible with Gmail and Outlook
  • Powered by top-notch cloud infrastructure


  • It lacks integration capabilities to third-party services

To sum up our extensive list and to help you decide, here is a table of all the G Suit alternatives that were mentioned in this article. 


Alternative Free or Paid? Best For Downside
Zoho Workspace With Free Plan Small to medium-sized companies It lacks integration capabilities
LibreOffice Free Offline teams It lacks collaboration tools
Samepage With Free Plan Teams that focus on content creation Third-party integration is limited
ProtonMail With Free Plan Teams that need email hosting It has limited organization features
Apache OpenOffice Free Offline teams No real-time collaboration tools
Asana With Free Plan Project Management Teams Limited task assignment capability
Wrike With Free Plan Teams that need cross-departmental collaboration Clunky user interface With Free Plan Design or software development teams Limited reporting capabilities
OpenProject With Free Plan Project Management Teams Limited collaboration features
Jira With Free Plan IT companies User interface is a bit cluttered
Bitrix24 With Free Plan Companies seeking a single business solution It’s challenging to deploy
OnlyOffice With Free Plan Project Management Teams It lacks integration capabilities
Fastmail Paid Teams that need email hosting It lacks integration with third-party services.
Rackspace Paid Teams that need a cloud computing solution It’s relatively expensive
Microsoft 365 Business Paid Project Management Teams Compatibility issues to older systems
GoDaddy Email and Office Paid Teams that need email hosting User interface is a bit clunky
The Arrangers Paid Teams that need email hosting It lacks integration capabilities
Greatmail Paid Teams that need email hosting It lacks integration capabilities


You Might Ask

Is Google G Suite free?

No, Google G Suite is not free. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) actually has four paid subscription plans. Visit its official pricing page to learn about the updated price for each subscription.

How good is G Suite?

In terms of features, G Suite is a great solution and can cater to most of your business needs. It provides you with all the essential productivity and collaboration tools.

What is included in G Suite?

G Suite consists of productivity and collaboration tools like Gmail, Meet, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Sites and more. For a complete list of the tools included in this suite, you can visit its official page.

Is Google workspace the same as G Suite?

Yes, Google Workspace is the new name of G Suite.



At first, it may seem like you can never go wrong when you choose G Suite. Surely, it gives you handy tools to automate and improve some areas of your business. But G Suite is not always the perfect solution for every situation. You can find others that are even more reliable than G Suite and more suitable to your business processes. 

Hopefully, this article was able to help you find the best G Suite alternative that suits your needs! 

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