The Best Stripe Alternatives in 2021

stripe alternatives

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If you are part of the creator economy, finding the perfect software for all your business-related financial matters can be challenging. But with a worldwide leader in online payments like Stripe, things can be a little bit easier.

Stripe has made significant contributions in the development of global ???? fintech, specifically in merchant on-boarding, payments, and fraud detection. However, it’s not a one-stop-shop and certainly not a one-size-fits-all. 

So, even though Stripe is undeniably a sound option for your payment concerns, you might need to look for alternatives that could effectively address your concerns the way Stripe can’t. Look no further because we’ve made a list of the best Stripe alternatives for you—both free and premium.

What is Stripe?

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Stripe is a unified platform tailored for developers worldwide to provide payments and finance services using a technology-first approach. They also offer products for business operations needs, whether it be for eCommerce, SaaS, marketplaces, and other platforms. 

Stripe Advantages & Uses

With their features, Stripe can vie for the position of best payment gateway at present. Here are some notable advantages and uses that Stripe provides its customers:

  • Simple and transparent pricing structure
  • Wide-range of options for accepting payments ???? online or in-person
  • Easy customization using their UI toolkit and other available APIs

Stripe Drawbacks

Now for the drawbacks, Stripe has:

  • Quite an expensive price tag
  • An easy sign-up process that can comprise your account’s stability
  • Developer-specific solutions
  • In-person payments but not tailored exactly for this purpose (it’s only so that businesses who offer in-person payments can still consider Stripe as their payment service provider (PSP))

Best Stripe Alternatives

From knowing what’s good ???? and what’s not with Stripe, we’re pretty sure you can assess whether you need a backup PSP. So, here are 26 of the best Stripe alternatives for you to check out in 2021. 


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We’re starting off with the global payments partner and online payment solution that lets you integrate your payments platforms as well as digital wallets with very minimal effort, Braintree.


Each Braintree feature is designed to scale your business in the fastest way possible.

  • Fraud tools
  • Data Security
  • Payment Methods (i.e., PayPal, Venmo (in the US)
  • Business highlights reporting
  • Global Scale
  • Payouts
  • In-store payments like e-tail to Point of Sale tools
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance
  • White-Glove Support
  • Third-party integrations


These rates will be implemented starting August 2, 2021. But, you’ll still get no minimums, no monthly fees, and no hidden fees from Braintree.

  • Standard

2.9 percent plus $30 charge per transaction

  • Custom

Pricing will be based on your business volume and model. If you’re interested, you can call, email, or submit a form from their website to get a quote.

Connect with Braintree’s Sales team.


Whether you own a small, medium, or large business, you can have more flexibility ???? with Square as your payment solutions provider. 

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Square’s toolkit can be used for any business size without a hitch with the following features:

  • Virtual terminal
  • Gift cards
  • Marketing
  • Dashboard and analytics
  • POS for retail, restaurant, appointments
  • Square checking
  • Payroll 
  • Business Loans
  • Checkout links
  • POS


Square has different point-of-sale packages that you can choose from depending on the software: 

  • Free for the best-in-class point-of-sale
  • 1.75 percent for in-person transaction fee
  • 1.9 percent or 2.9 percent for online transaction fee
  • 2.5 percent for manually keyed-in transaction fee

and hardware that you have (based on their UK website):

  • Square register: £599 plus VAT
  • Square stand: £89 plus VAT
  • Square terminal: £149 plus VAT
  • Square reader: £16 plus VAT

Get started with Square.


If you have a growing business, a payment platform like Adyen should help you sort out all of your payment service needs every step ???? of the way.

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Grow your business, increase your revenue, and build real partnerships using their features:

  • Global acquiring
  • Payment methods
  • Risk management
  • Revenue optimization
  • Customer insights
  • Authentication


Right off the bat, Adyen tells you on their website that they charge a processing fee plus payment method fee for your every transaction. Fortunately, there’s no setup fee. For a full list of prices and supported payment methods, check them out here. I’ve got to say, their pricing page can be overwhelming, but it’s easy to navigate if you know your preferred payment method and the country or region you’re in.

Get in touch with Adyen.


For your online credit card processing needs, the best place to go would be PaymentCloud.

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Don’t like guessing? In PaymentCloud, there wouldn’t be any because they offer straightforward business solutions to your needs.

  • Merchant account solutions
  • Complete credit card processing for low, medium, and high-risk businesses
  • Seamless integrations (e.g., Shopify, API)


As of writing, PaymentCloud has yet to publish their pricing fees for their payment services.

Apply now to PaymentCloud.


Dwolla and innovators are on the same team in scaling up businesses and flaunting the use of reliable, modern technology with payments API.

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Aside from the built-in reporting, compliance, and security features, you get to enjoy: ????

  • Validated controls
  • Configurable payment controls
  • Scalable API
  • Developer-friendly features


Dwolla knows that flexibility is vital in handling your business. You’ll find a suitable plan for you here.

  • Pay-as-you-go: 0.5 percent per transfer

With a minimum of ¢5 and a maximum of $5

  • Launch: starting at $250 per month

Flexible pricing

  • Scale: starting at $1,000 per month

Flat monthly pricing

  • Custom: starting at $2,000 per month

Volume pricing

Sign up to Dwolla.


Previously Avangate, 2Checkout is now referred to as Verifone. It is an all-in-one monetization platform fit for everyone in the creator economy and the access economy alike. 

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The modular design in this platform is a game-changer because it enables you to take the essentials first before acquiring other features you deem necessary for your business as it grows.

  • Customized subscription plans
  • Multi-currency and multi-language support
  • Recurring billing
  • Level 1 PCI data security standard
  • Account updater
  • Customized checkout options
  • Multiple payment methods
  • eCommerce integrations


You’ll only get what you need for your business purpose with 2checkout.

  • 2Sell: 3.5 percent plus $0.35 for every successful sale

Perfect for selling globally

  • 2Subscribe: 4.5 percent plus $0.45 for every successful sale

Perfect for developing and boosting your subscription business

  • 2 Monetize: 6.0 percent plus $0.60 for every successful sale

Perfect for selling digital goods globally

Sign up for free to 2Checkout.


Transferwise, now just Wise, is an excellent ???? payment solutions provider for all your international business transactions. It’s not only cheap, but it gets the job done just as quickly as more expensive ones.

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With the long list of countries they service, Wise can accommodate your needs wherever you are in the world.

  • Wide-range of transactions
  • Multiple currencies and languages
  • Money transfer online and on mobile devices
  • Fraud protection
  • ID verification
  • APIs for integration
  • Foreign exchange integration
  • Anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer


Figuring out your fees on this payment platform is made easier with their pricing calculator. Just choose your business—whether it’s for sending money or for your multi-currency account. Then, enter the amount and select how you’d like to pay. And, voila! Your fee is calculated, and you’ll have an idea of how much the other end of your business can get from your transaction.

Get started on Wise.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments could make the difference between cart abandonment and checking out your products and services for your business. If you haven’t already, you can check out these articles on the best SendGrid alternatives to know more about other service providers you can tap to better your business.

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You’ll definitely run your business smoothly with Amazon Pay and its features:

  • Identity
  • Inline Checkout
  • Fraud Protection
  • Automatic Payments
  • Merchant Website Integration


There are many fees that you should prepare for with Amazon Payments

  • Domestic processing fee: 2.9 percent for web and mobile

4.0 percent for Alexa (specifically for real-world goods and services)

  • Authorization fee: $0.30 
  • Cross-border processing fee: 3.9 percent got web and mobile

5.0 percent for Alexa (specifically for real-world goods and services)

Amazon Payments Business Registration.


Like Stripe, Razorpay is one of the best gateways for online payments in India. That is to say, if you’re in this country ???? or have transactions in it, Razorpay is the right PSP for you.

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This powerful payment gateway boasts of a robust set of features you’ll surely need for supercharging your business:

  • Instant activation
  • Easy integration
  • API driven
  • Over 100 payment modes
  • Simple pricing
  • Best in industry support
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Secure


Razorpay has simple and transparent pricing plans that are easy to understand and compare.

  • Standard: 2.0 percent platform fee with $0 setup and annual maintenance fee

Designed for startups, small, and medium enterprises

  • Enterprise 

For larger businesses

Custom pricing, depending on your needs

Sign Up with Razorpay.


Does your business involve subscriptions, and you’re interested to know more about how to manage your revenue billings? Well, an excellent fit for your business would be ChargeBee.

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You can schedule a demo to know more about the features that ChargeBee can offer for your business.

  • Automated recurring billing
  • Smarter subscription management
  • Streamlined revenue operations


You can get started for free on ChargeBee with their Launch plan at $0 per month if you’re an early startup who’s still in the development stages of the business. Otherwise, here are the other paid plans from ChargeBee.

  • Rise: $299 per month

For startups

  • Scale: $599 per month

For scale-ups

  • Enterprise: custom pricing

For larger businesses

Schedule a demo or talk to sales on ChargeBee. cuts all the excess out of the payment process for your business, so you won’t have to deal with other complications in streamlining your process.

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Aside from award-winning support ????, you can breathe easy with’s features that are simply functional.

  • Advanced fraud protection
  • Customer information manages
  • Payment types
  • Recurring payments
  • Account updater
  • Digital invoicing
  • Simple checkout


Whatever the size of your business is, has a suitable plan that will work for you. Just choose a plan, fill out the application then you can start getting paid.

  • All-in-one option: 2.9 percent plus ¢30 per transaction

For those who don’t have a merchant account

  • Payment gateway only: ¢10 per transaction and a daily batch fee of ¢10

For those who already have a merchant account

Learn more about services here.


For worldwide payment services, you’ll need a competitive provider that offers simpler solutions to your business needs, such as Worldpay.

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Here’s the list of the no-fuss features from Worldpay:

  • Real-time data
  • Simple order management
  • Webhooks
  • Fast payouts
  • Recurring payments
  • Robust systems
  • Built for developers
  • Start receiving payments in under 24 hrs after signing up
  • Fraud prevention and PCI compliance


Worldpay implements a pay-as-you-go scheme to make things even less complicated. 

  • Gateway standard: Starting from £19
  • Gateway advanced: Starting from £45

Sign up to Worldpay.


Don’t let your customers’ preferred mode of payment hinder your business from earning higher sales. Get Cardinity as your PSP so you can transact with credit and debit cards ???? at the very least.

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You can avail of Cardinity’s impressive features without breaking the bank.

  • Global payments
  • One-click purchase
  • Recurring billing
  • Fraud prevention
  • Easy integration


At Cardinity, you’ll be charged fees per transaction. For EU and EEA cards, you’ll be paying 1.35 percent plus €0.25. But if you process more than €50,000 /month, you can avail of a special pricing. Just hit them up on this link

Sign up to Cardinity now.


If you’re looking for a digital wallet that allows you to perform business transactions without a hitch, not to mention fast and safe, then Venmo would be perfect.


Venmo works wonders to elevate both the customer and business owner’s experience in every transaction.

  • Bank Account Linking
  • Credit or Debit Card Linking
  • Expense Splitting & Sharing
  • Payment Data Encryption
  • Web & In-App Purchases


Venmo is practically free to use. But here are some charges you may want to watch out for.

  • Sending money to people using your credit card: 3.0 percent
  • Receiving payments for your business: 1.9 percent plus $0.10
  • Adding money using cash a check feature: from 1.0 to 5.0 percent with a minimum of $5 fee
  • Electronic withdrawal: 1.5 percent with an additional fee of $0.25 to $15 starting August 2, 2021
  • Buying or selling cryptocurrencies: starting from $0.50 at 1.5 to 2.3 percent
  • Withdrawals: $2.50 to $3.00

Get Venmo.


WePay is a Chase company designed as a payment gateway for platforms and powered by APIs. This is one of the most up-to-date PSP that you should consider as an alternative to Stripe.


Here’s what WePay offers you and your business: ????

  • Integrated payments
  • Modern, restful APIs
  • WePay Link, Clear, and Core
  • Instant onboarding
  • Same-day deposits
  • Card present solutions


WePay doesn’t want you to feel restricted with any plan. So, if you’re interested to know more about their fees, you’ll need to contact their sales team. 

Get started with WePay.


For the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, businesses, and developers here, you know how challenging it is to find a secure platform with friendly-priced features for all your crypto-business needs. But Coinbase might just provide what you need.


With Coinbase you can buy and sell cryptocurrency safely and worry-free thanks to these features:

  • Portfolio management
  • Recurring buys
  • Vault protection
  • Mobile apps
  • Secure storage
  • Insurance protection


There are no plans in Coinbase but they have a list of recommended products for you to check out as an individual, a business, or a developer.

  • Buy and sell transactions: from $0.99 to $2.99
  • Credit transactions: flat rate of 2.0 percent per transaction
  • Coinbase card: flat rate of 2.49 percent per transaction
  • Cryptocurrency conversions: up to 2.0 percent 

You can check out their variable fees per location here.

Get started on Coinbase.


Now, if you’re seeking ???? AR-related features and payment services, the right provider would be Billtrust. 


Digitizing AR has never been this easy with Billtrust features.

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Billing Portal
  • Contact Database
  • Customizable Invoices
  • Dunning Management
  • Mobile Payments
  • Multi-Currency
  • Online Invoicing
  • Online Payments
  • Payment Processing


It would be better if you contact their sales team directly to know more about the pricing. 

Begin your transformation with Billtrust.

Stax By Fattmerchant

Stax by Fattmerchant is here in the playing field to cater to the payment processing needs of small businesses. If you own one or are planning on starting one, Stax is a highly recommended service provider for you.


Stax is an all-in-one platform that runs in a subscription-based payment technology. With these features, you can run your business smoothly and stress-free.

  • Accepts every type of payment
  • Invoicing plus cash on file
  • Dashboards and advanced recording
  • Customer management (possibly community management, too, if you are a content creator)
  • One-click shopping cart
  • Custom branding
  • Same-day funding
  • QuickBooks online pro sync


Although Stax has a slight bias on small businesses, you can also use this platform if you own a large one. But, you’ll have to request a consultation to know more about pricing plans that would be suitable for you.

  • One flat subscription price: starting at $99

Plus ¢8 per Swipe transaction and direct cost

Plus ¢15 per Keyed transaction and direct cost

  • Software packages:
    • Starter: $49

For small businesses 

  • Growth: $89 ($150 value)

For businesses seeking advanced payment features and account management tools

  • Pro: $129 ($450 value)

For single or multi-location businesses

Request a demo or schedule a consultation.

Helcim Merchant Services

✊ Are you looking for ways to make your business transactions easier, simpler, and more affordable? I suggest you check out the all-in-one merchant platform, Helcim Merchant Services.


As a Stipe alternative, Helcim does not have a well-put-together set of features. But, theirs are still competitive and address the concern of their target market. So, it’s still a win.

  • International support
  • Online store
  • Developer-centered tools
  • Offline sales
  • POS features


Pricing will depend on your country location, industry, monthly sales volume, and average amount per transaction.

  • In-person payment

Average credit card rate: 1.92 percent plus ¢8

Average PIN-debit rate: 0.91 percent plus ¢8

  • Manually Keyed and online

Average credit card rate: 2.38 percent plus ¢25 

Sign up to Helcim.

Payline Data

Your best Stripe alternative if you’re looking for in-person, online, and mobile solutions for your business would be Payline Data. What’s more, is that you can dive into The Interchange: A Payline Blog to keep yourself updated with what’s happening in the fintech arena.


Payline Data solutions are tailored to meet your specific business needs and here are the general features ✨ you can enjoy.

  • Retail, online, and eCommerce, mobile, and integrated payments processing
  • Shopping carts
  • POS
  • Accounting software integrations
  • Chargeback prevention
  • Fraud protection
  • Data security
  • Business loans 


You can either calculate your rate so that you’ll have an idea of your monthly costs or go straight to the preset pricing plans in Payline. For more details, contact their sales team.

  • Swiping in person plan

0.2 percent, $0.10 per transaction

  • Credit cards not present plan

0.4 percent, $0.20 per transaction

Get started for free.

PayJunction (with Free Terminal Program)

We all have our standards when it comes to our service providers. If yours is one with a Level 1 PCI compliance AND a registered ISO, then PayJunction should fit the bill.


Each PayJunction feature builds its credibility in terms of business transactions’ safety and compliance with quality standards.

  • Zero-touch terminals
  • Invoices
  • ACH electronic checks
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile app
  • Cards on file
  • Remote signature
  • Rapid refunds
  • Recurring billing
  • Multi-location
  • Sales report
  • Search and export
  • Customization 


Here are two ways you can start processing your payments with PayJunction.

  • Free Terminal Program

For existing businesses who average over $25k /month in processing volume

  • Clean Start

For new businesses

Credit card cost plus 0.75 percent

0.75 percent for checks

One-day deposit time

Talk Payments at PayJunction.


For our folks out there in eCommerce, B2B, and SaaS companies, BlueSnap can power payment processing for your businesses.


This all-in-one payment platform has notable features that can help make your business grow in the easiest, fastest ???? way possible.

  • Payment types and currencies
  • Global payment services
  • Payment optimization
  • Fraud prevention
  • Chargeback management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Invoice payments


BlueSnap offers customized or quick start pricing plans.

  • Customized (you’ll need to talk with their sales representative)

Best for businesses with large payment volume

  • Quick start: 2.75 percent plus $0.30 for every successful card transaction


Best for fast-growing businesses

Get started on BlueSnap.


Whether you own a small business or an enterprise, going cardless might be something you should consider to improve cash flow, reduce costs, reduce failed payments, and keep track of everything in your venture in the UK.


GoCardless keeps on updating their features to make their service even more satisfying. Here are four of the most requested features (out of 30) in GoCashless.

  • Multiple payment collection
  • Easy customer identification
  • Transparent payout date
  • Easy payment cancellation


There are no setup costs and hidden fees when you GoCardless, but here are the plans you’d want to get to know more about.

  • Standard: £0 per month

Pay per transaction only

  • UK and Eurozone: 1.0 percent plus £/€ 0.20 per transaction

Maximum fee is £/€4 but each time the bank debit payments go above £/€2,000 you’ll be paying an additional 0.1 percent

  • International: 2.0 percent + £0.20 per transaction

Currency conversion already included

  • Plus: £50 per month

Customer bank statements will have your name on it

  • Pro: £200 per month

Fully integrated customer experience

  • Custom: volume-based pricing

Contact sales for more details

Sign up to GoCardless.


You might already have a system in place to manage your payments, but you know that it can still get better. EBizCharge might be the help you need to level up your business transactions. 


With their features, EBizCharge can help your business realize its greatest potential by virtue of continuous improvement.

  • Email payments
  • Customer payment portal
  • Virtual terminal
  • Reporting
  • Mobile app
  • eCommerce
  • Hosted checkouts
  • EMV terminals


You’ll love the fact that there is a guaranteed cost savings and no setup, integrations, or cancellation fees when you sign up for EBizCharge. But for more detailed pricing for your payment ???? processing needs, you should request a quote from them.

Get a demo, too.


Are you ready to automate your tasks and get some load off of your back? If you’re an owner of a small but growing business, check out Thryv.


Thryv believes that the way to success is to provide an end-to-end client experience. They keep at it by offering these features:

  • Tools for creators like CRM 
  • Sales and payments
  • ThryvPay
  • Customer communication
  • Scheduling and appointments
  • Reputation management
  • Marketing automation
  • Online presence
  • Google my Business
  • Document storage and sharing
  • Social media
  • Multi-location 


Thryv doesn’t post their pricing on any website because they operate on a custom proposal basis. This way, their customers will only pay for the features that will ultimately improve their business. So, it would be better if you just go ahead and request a demo, talk to them, and get your price.

Free demo here.

Digital River

You can build a D2C channel for your business using Digital River. They offer global eCommerce solutions for your business so you can focus on making your customers happy and content while growing your revenue. 


Small, mid-size, and large businesses can benefit from the features that make up Digital River’s full-service solution.

  • API
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • eCommerce Management
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Consumer Use Tax
  • Multi-Currency
  • Real-Time Notifications


Like other payment solutions providers, Digital River also does not have published pricing details on their website. It wouldn’t hurt to talk ???? to their sales team for a curated plan for your needs.

So, here’s how you can get started.

Why You Might Want to Look For Stripe Alternatives


You Might Ask

Is Adyen better than Stripe?

If we’re talking about the nitty-gritty of payment processing, Adyen has a better grasp of what the essentials are. In this regard, Adyen is better than Stripe. 

Is PayPal better than Stripe?

Large businesses could argue that Stripe works better for them. But for small businesses, PayPal wins the competition. Because although both providers charge the same processing fee (2.9 percent plus $0.30), PayPal is more convenient to set up and use. 

Is there anything cheaper than Stripe?

Adyen is cheaper and arguably a better choice than Stripe. 

Who owns Stripe?

Stripe has board members who decide on the important matters of the company. So, Stripe is owned by a few people. But it was founded in 2010 by brothers Patrick and John Collison. ????

What is the difference between Plaid and Stripe?

The main difference between Plain and Stripe would be what they do with the ACH workflow. Plaid indirectly deals with the process by turning sensitive to non-sensitive data, while Stripe directly affects the process involving actual funds. 

Are Stripe and Adyen competitors?

Since both Stripe and Adyen are both payment gateways, they are inevitably part of the pool of competitors to provide the best payment solutions to customers. 


Without a doubt, more and more businesses are starting to launch ???? their products and services online. Payment gateways like Stripe could be the difference between increasing your revenue and staying stagnant. However, Stripe may not always be the best option for you, so it’s practical to familiarize yourself with other alternatives that could potentially propel you and your business to higher feats in the future. 

Suppose you’re a content creator who’s checking out these Stripe alternatives for revenue. In that case, you might want to check out the best free video editing software or the difference between USB and XLR microphones to improve the quality of your content further.

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