19 Best Podcast Hosting Sites (Top 6 Have Free Offers)

best podcast hosting

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Looking for the best podcast hosting sites? The podcast ecosystem has significantly improved and diversified in just a few years, so I understand the hard decision of finding the right host.

We’ve all dreamt about starting our own podcast, but have put it off because we don’t know where to start. Well, your voice is not alone—literally. 

The podcast industry has boomed into a completely new market. Hundreds of hosting sites offer unique benefits and blazing fast bandwidths.

In this guide, we’ll be tackling the best podcast hosts in the market and helping you find your voice. 

First off, here’s the quick top seven.

7 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

Yes, I promised 19 podcast hosting sites. But for those of you looking for the best of the best, we’re putting the top seven on a pedestal. These sites are at the top of what they do, offering the crème de la crème of every niche.

1. Buzzsprout

best podcast hosting

Starting off with a strong entry, Buzzsprout is a simple-to-use but powerful podcast hosting site. Their Magic Mastering tool turns regular audio ???? into studio-level quality, which is a huge plus for newcomers that may not have the best headsets for podcasts. Another bonus for new podcasters is Buzzsprout’s built-in transcription feature, quick affiliate marketing integration, and in-depth statistics.

While podcasting is considered new to mainstream audiences, Buzzsprout has been in the game since 2009. That’s easily a decade ahead of most podcast hosting sites in the market. There are a lot of good shows here and yours could easily be one of them. Buzzsprout is one of the few hosting sites that provide a free package, which offers up to ⌚ two hours of audio every month. These episodes do go offline after three months though.

Buzzsprout has every candy and chocolate in the podcast industry:

  • Text editor for show notes
  • Statistics—which apps listen to your podcast, number of listeners, which country listeners are from, and an estimated projection of how many views your podcast will bring in for the first 90 days
  • Episode chapter markers
  • Unlimited team members
  • Video highlights
  • Easy website embedding

The company is regarded as the best podcast hosting website in the market, and for good reason. It’s been in the industry for over 12 years, welcomes newcomers with an intuitive interface, and has a free package to give everyone the same opportunity to start from scratch. 


Outside of the free package, Buzzsprout’s plans start at $12 per month, with three hours of uploads, indefinite hosting, and unlimited storage. Their next price points, $18 and $24, offer the same features but with six and 12 hours worth of uploads respectively. 

Buzzsprout is a great option for ???? beginner podcasts, but not-so for ???? companies that go over 12 hours of content a week. 

2. Captivate

best podcast hosting

Captivate is another stellar podcast hosting service, with the exception of being exclusively focused at helping you grow your audience. To aid podcasters, Captivate offers several powerful features like advanced analytics, unlimited number of team members and podcasts, an email or mailing list, and a free WordPress website for when you sign up. Talk about going above and beyond. ⭐

The growth-oriented podcast host first came into the scene in 2013 and has only grown even more and more popular. Unfortunately, Captivate only offers a 7-day trial plan, which kind of sucks. If only there was a comprehensive list of the best free podcast hosting sites for us broke folk out there? ????

Captivate’s captivating features—excuse the terrible pun ????????:

  • Clean and minimal design
  • Built-in option to add Call-To-Actions to redirect listeners wherever you want
  • The analytics software gets constant updates
  • Podcast snapshot kit that includes statistics and highlights per episode
  • Pricing based on the number of downloads per month and not the length of your podcasts
  • Private podcast option

Overall, the company is jam-packed with features. Your free WordPress website also comes with three responsive and highly customizable templates that you can choose from, together with a plugin that connects to your podcast site on Captivate.fm. There’s a lot to unpack with Captivate, although I think that the 7-day trial is a bit too short. ⌛


Captivate has one of the best dynamic pricing plans, not charging you for podcasts that aren’t being heard. The Personal plan starts at a maximum 12,000 downloads per month at $19 per month or $204 a year (~$17 month). Directly above that is the Professional plan, which caps at 60,000 downloads and costs $49 per month or $528 annually (~$44 per month). Last but not the least, the Business plan offers 150,000 downloads at $99 per month. The annual cost of that falls to $1,080 (~$90 per month).

Captivate offers a different deal that focuses on allowing users to publish as much content as they want. Perfect for podcasts that have a lot of lengthy content but the limiting number of downloads means increasing your monthly plan for the price of success. ☝

3. Transistor

best podcast hosting

Although they’re a relatively newer podcast hosting site, Transistor is our #3 pick. They allow podcasters to host as many different shows, provide in-depth analytics, and integrate seamlessly with Mailchimp, Convertkit, and Drip to build your email list. ???? If you’re looking to push your brand into the world, Transistor is the place to go. The only problem I have with Transistor is their limited number of users—more on that later.

Listeners can browse through Transistor while listening to a podcast in the background, no interruptions or pauses. Transistor is optimized for marketing and selling your podcast to the world. Couple that with their easy drag-and-drop interface and there’s virtually no learning curve to becoming an expert podcaster on the platform. The cherry on top? ???? Multiple public and private podcasts all for one price.

Transistor’s Protons⚡:

  • Unlimited podcast hosting plans
  • Podcast embed code for your WordPress website
  • Multi-episode players show the recent episode together with the latest 25—perfect for bingers
  • Seamless to Transistor from another podcast hosting site

If you were worried about how long the free package lasts for, Transistor offers a 14-day free trial. That should be long enough to familiarize yourself with their website and to gauge how your podcast fares there. ???? Using Transistor was a straightforward process for us, no hiccups whatsoever and stellar customer support. Shoutout to John! ???? 


Transistor provides three payment plans, but all of them support unlimited uploads. The pricing is based on the number of downloads and users. So $19 pays for 2 users and 10,000 downloads, $49 gets you up to 5 users and 50,000 downloads, and finally $99 knocks it all the way up to 10 users and 150,000 downloads. Users in this case mean the number of people who can login to your podcast account.

Transistor is a powerful podcast hosting site, but the limited number of users may sway away big companies that have a lot of members.

4. Castos

Castos podcast hosting

Although it’s also relatively new to the podcast industry, Castos’ different approach has merited them our #4 pick for this list. Castos is a unique entry because it’s more of a plugin than a website. This podcast solution works by integrating directly into your WordPress website as a plugin, where you can upload, edit, and publish your podcasts. 

This is the perfect compromise for podcasters that want their readers to remain on their website, especially if their aim is to increase website traffic and SEO. ???? Using Castos means that everything related to your podcast can be done through your website, which centralizes the process and makes everything easier.

Castos’ Arsenal ????:

  • Allows podcasters to manage feed and upload episodes directly from their WordPress site
  • Unlimited volume and download bandwidth
  • WordPress player is responsive and user friendly
  • Automatically publishes your episodes on areas like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other major distribution channels
  • Offers discounts for nonprofits and religious organizations
  • Provides a podcast editing service

You can try out Castos’ free 14-day package yourself. See how it integrates with your website. Our experience with Castos was very intuitive and simple. Being able to publish and directly manage podcasts off your own WordPress website is an underrated convenience. This streamlines work and puts everything you need to do on just one browser tab. ????


Castos has a very generous payment plan. All plans come with unlimited uploads, downloads, and podcasts for as low as $19 per month. Absolutely stellar value right there. ✨ What you’re sacrificing for that though is the YouTube republishing feature, which is unlocked at the Growth plan for $49 a month and the video file hosting and advanced analytics that require the Pro plan, coming in at $99 per month.

In short, Castos is a great podcast plugin for those that want to publish podcasts right off their WordPress website, streamlining the work.

5. Podbean

Podbean service

Another podcast hosting site that offers a compelling free package, Podbean is dubbed as one of the easiest podcast sites to work with. Furthermore, it also has what I think is the best free package in the business. You’ll get 500 MB of storage for uploads with the free plan, which converts to around five hours of content. The only downside to this is that you won’t get a dedicated domain name. But FIVE free hours of episodes with 100GB monthly bandwidth? Absolute steal. ????

Podbean also submits your podcast episodes to other podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, among other sites. You don’t have to worry about integrating advertisements to your episodes either, since Podbeans makes it easy to earn money with their extensive affiliate networks. ???? Podbeans make a very powerful #5 pick. To be honest, this would have been tied with Castos.

Podbeans Magical Beans ???? (Yes, that’s a potato. Unfortunately there is no bean emoji):

  • Has a portfolio of over 540,000 podcasters on its website
  • Unanimously considered the easiest podcast site to use
  • Auto-posting on YouTube and other social media accounts
  • Distributes your podcast episodes out to the top podcast directors
  • Provides an advertising marketplace for podcasters to easily monetize their content

Overall, Podbeans deserves its spot as the #5 best podcast hosting site on this list. While it isn’t the most powerful or feature-intense podcast site out there, I think Podbeans delivers above and beyond on essential podcast services. This means providing a marketplace for affiliate content, unlimited upload plans, all the advanced stats necessary, and a website with a custom domain to boot. 


Podbeans also offers one of the most affordable starting plans out there, aside from having the best free package in the industry. Starting at just $9 a month with the Unlimited Audio plan, you get unlimited storage and bandwidth, advanced design and pro WordPress themes, along with access to the ad marketplace. The Unlimited Plus plan at $29 per month gives you access to the Patreon program and dynamic ad insertion for your podcast episodes. Finally, Podbeans has a $99 Business plan that gives you multiple domains, advanced statistics, private podcasts, and live chat support

All in all, Podbeans is a great host for public podcasters who only need one domain. 1️⃣

6. Simplecast

best podcast hosting

Simplecast is another podcast host that’s easy to use yet offers a robust analytics tool. When it comes to analytics, Simplecast offers a bunch of stats that you wouldn’t find on other hosting platforms. Statistics like downloads by time of day, listening methods, and powerful visual aids are a couple of great examples. ????

Customizing your website is fairly easy too, with my favorite part being the customizable player colors. Yes, that’s right. You can change the color of your embed player to match the color of your website. ???? Pretty decent! Although the podcast host falls more on the ease-of-use market, simple things like color customization and visual aids on statistics really add up to what feels like a more powerful service.

Simplecast’s Simple Cast:

  • Embed players are smooth and highly customizable
  • Offers a video snippet service called Recast
  • Create teams with multiple members at different permission levels
  • Advanced analytics tools that come with visual aids
  • Comes with a free customizable WordPress website 

The highlight of Simplecast’s features definitely falls to Recast, which is a built-in feature that allows you to create and share snippets of your episodes. You can schedule the publishing of these snippets on your social media channels. Perfect for promoting your podcast and giving listeners a 30-second sneak peek. ⌚


In terms of pricing, Simplecast is much more affordable than other services out there. The Basic Plan starts at $15 per month and comes with unlimited storage and uploads, a customizable website, two member accounts, an embed web player, and 20,000 downloads per month. Whew! That’s a lot to read

Their Essential Plan at $35 a month brings in an extra two member seats (total of four), more web players, location and technology analytics, 50,000 downloads per month, and chat support

Finally, the Growth Plan at $85 per month gives access to five more member seats (total of nine, ISP and metro area location analytics, and 120,000 downloads per month.

7. Resonate

best podcast hosting

Resonate Recordings, better known as Resonate, is a podcast hosting site that caters to beginners. Their publishing process is simple, the interface is easy to traverse through, and the analytics are useful yet unexcessive. Resonate was founded in 2014 with the philosophy of combining efficiency and quality. And they’ve delivered so far. ????

Outside of Resonate’s user-friendly approach, the company targets high-profile brands more and offers them complete packages. Services like podcast launching, production, enterprise, video production, and podcast marketing are some examples of the packages they offer. In other words, they take you by the hand and walk your podcast across the street and back.

Resonate Recording Features:

  • Offers professional editing production for your podcast show
  • Get an industry-standard podcast website
  • Standard embed player that collects your analytics
  • Distributes your podcast to the top directories like Apple Podcasts, Google, and Spotify

Aside from their insanely diverse range of services, Resonate still offers a top-notch podcast hosting service. You can easily apply for just the hosting service, and then upgrade your plan with their additional services later on. I mean, their business plan is fantastic in a way. Why outsource every production area of your podcast when they offer everything you need? Host your podcast and produce it all from the same source. ????


The pricing is fairly straightforward. This only applies to the hosting side of things. The Basic plan starts at $25 per month but comes with unlimited episodes and show users, an analytics dashboard, embed player analytics, unlimited downloads, and live chat support. The Premium plan at $49 a month unlocks only a podcast microsite. As for their Professional package, well, you’ll need to find that out yourself. Resonate works on a per quote basis here, but the package includes live phone support, premium microsite themes, private hosting, and a private Slack channel with the Resonate Team.

TL:DR Resonate is a great option for enterprises and companies who are looking for a full package and not just a regular hosting site.

And that’s it! 

Those are the top seven podcast hosting sites in the business. Of course, that’s not all of them. If you’re still interested in reading, I listed the complete list of 19 best podcast hosting sites down below. You’ll find all sorts of variants there and I can’t wait to get you started through it.

Podcast Hosting Comparison (Top 7)

Before that, let’s go over a quick table comparison of the top seven. These should give you a better look at everything, especially now that they’re right next to each other.

Best For ????BeginnersBeginnersMultiple ShowsWebsite + WordPressVideo PodcastsBeginners and Major BrandsFull Managed Production
Price ????️From $12/monthFrom $19/monthFrom $19/monthFrom $19/monthFrom $9/month (audio) or $29/month (video)From $15/moFrom $25/mo 
Free Plan ✔️Yes (More Details)NoNoNoYes (More Details)NoNo
Storage ????From 2 Hours/monthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited (Everything but smallest plan)UnlimitedUnlimited
Bandwidth ⚡250GB (>20K plays/month per episode)From 12K plays/monthFrom 10K plays/monthUnlimitedUnlimited (Everything but smallest plan)From 20K plays/monthUnlimited
Team Members ????????‍♀️UnlimitedUnlimitedLimited (From 2 Members)UnlimitedUnlimited (Only for Business Plan)Limited (From 2 Members)Unlimited (Only for Professional Plan)
File Types ????Audio OnlyAudio OnlyAudio OnlyAudio and VideoAudio and VideoAudio OnlyAudio Only
Website Include ????YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Special Offer ????Free $20 Amazon Gift Card7 Days Free2 Weeks Free1 Month Free1 Month Free2 Months 50% Off45 Days Free

More Podcast Hosting Companies

There are hundreds of podcast hosting sites in the world and some of them are rising up in the ranks pretty quickly. If you’re a bit unsatisfied with the selection above, then you’ll definitely find something interesting below. Here are some more podcast hosting companies that I tested.



Starting off with something unique, Spreaker structures its payment plans based on the number of hours you’ve uploaded to their site. This is vastly different from the regular payment options we’ve seen so far and is perfect for those of you that may not upload all that frequently but want a continuous host.

Spreaker is easy to use and sports a clean interface design, perfect for beginners. It’s a powerful hosting platform too. One feature for example is being able to host live podcasts ???? and have them streamed directly through Spreaker or on other podcasting apps. You can also host multiple podcasts on the same account and make audio advertisements for each of those podcasts. These audios ads will be dynamically inserted around Spreaker to promote your podcast.

Now everything isn’t sunshine and rainbows. Spreaker doesn’t offer a podcast website ❌ on any payment plan. Their customer experience can also be a hit and miss if you take the time to check through Reddit and other customer reviews. 

All in all though, Spreaker is a great option for beginner podcasters who are looking for an affordable option. Oh. Did I mention they have a free package that allows FIVE hours of FREE uploads? Keep yourself posted for the full review.


podcastics service

To be honest, Podcastics is a close contender for the top seven. I would have included it if it was a bit older and showed a longer history of reliability. Podcastics is a new podcast hosting site on the block, but so far it’s doing everything right. ✅

The first thing you’ll see on their website is how jam-packed their features are. Naturally they must be expensive. Right? Apparently not. Podcastics monthly plans charge $4, $8, and $39 bucks. Their most expensive plan already comes with unlimited episodes, a customizable website for your podcasts, a messaging program, detailed analytics, customizable web players, unlimited users with permissions, and more. They even have a first-month free promo for all their plans. ????

These features are top-class, but Podcastics has yet to make a name for itself in the industry. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this website as podcast sites are notoriously popular for coming in hard and going out just as quickly. 

Meanwhile, we’re only scratching the surface of what Podcastics has to offer. To learn more about Podcastics, we’ll publish a full review of the website soon.


bcast hosting services

bCast offers competitive pricing for top-class features. In other words, it’s a great budget yet powerful podcast hosting site. In terms of niche, bCast addresses the marketing side of growing your podcast. ????

If you’re looking for a place that’s good for your social engagement, traffic, and revenue streams, then bCast is a great option. With bCast, you can insert audio CTAs to your podcast to divert listeners to your blog, product, or next webinar. We all know how getting a steady newsletter is a priceless digital marketing asset. bCast allows you to convert emails to newsletters with Auto Optin, which subscribes your listeners to your podcast, newsletter, or premium content by asking for an email address. Furthermore, you can increase your leads by publishing your podcasts as blog content with the help of bCast’s transcription feature

Other quick features that you’ll get with bCast include the standard WordPress website, a custom domain, YouTube publishing, and private podcasts. Cherry on cake? ???? bCast is friendly to beginners. They have helpful guides and offer a comprehensive guide on switching to bCast from Transistor, Buzzsprout, Captivate, and other podcast hosting sites.

Overall, bCast is a solid choice. Watch out for our complete bCast review to get every nitty gritty detail there is to know about bCast.


best podcast hosting

Fusebox is another entry to this list that’s more of a plugin than a hosting site, just like Castos. Formerly known as Smart Podcast Player, Fusebox plugs directly into your WordPress website and runs all your podcast episodes there. ????

It’s an effective tool, especially if you’re the type of person who prefers having everything on one tab. With Fusebox, you don’t have to manage your website and podcast on two separate websites. Fusebox lets you create, edit, and upload podcasts directly from your site. The plugin is extremely user friendly. You can even enable and disable individual features, both through the interactive interface or with simple shortcodes from the plugin editor. When it comes to price, Fusebox is relatively affordable for beginner pockets, making it a budget-friendly choice.

The cons of being a plugin however is that Fusebox doesn’t work with non-WordPress websites. Additionally, there’s no live chat support or ticketing system available with Fusebox, so you’ll be left to scrounging for help on Reddit threads. ????

Still though, Fusebox is a great Castos alternative. You’ve got to check our full review of Fusebox to know more.

Podcast Websites

podcast websites service

What website screams “podcast websites” more than Podcast Websites? Yes. That’s actually the name of the podcast hosting site. They definitely have my applause for being straightforward. 

Podcast Websites has a lot to bring to the table. For one, the site offers built-in integrations with lead magnet generators like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and ClickFunnels, just to name a few. The payment plan comes with a WordPress website. The website uses Builder, a powerful drag-and-drop page design tool to help you customize your website to perfection. You can get a 7-day free trial with Podcast Websites, but keep in mind their prices do fall on the higher end at $77 and $97 a month. ????

All in all, Podcast Websites offers an extensive list of features for podcasters. You’ll have everything you need to build a brand from the ground up. Be on the lookout for our Podcast Websites full review.

Free Podcast Hosting Platforms

Moving on to the next category of podcast hosting platforms, here’s a sneak peek at the best free podcast sites in the market. We’ve published a more in-depth guide for this, so check that out if you want to hear about what these platforms have to offer.


Buzzsprout service

We’ve mentioned Buzzsprout already. In fact, it’s our #1 pick for this entire list, so we won’t go too in-depth with the features. Just to cross the surface, Buzzsprout has a text editor, some of the most in-depth analytics in the market, and the Magic Mastering tool, which turns your regular audio into studio-level quality ????. 

Buzzsprout’s free package offers up to two hours of audio every month, but these episodes go offline after three months. You can revive them by subscribing to a payment plan once you make the decision of paying for the service or not. Learn more about Buzzsprout and get yourself at the edge of the competition.


Podbean service for hosting audio and video files

Another site that we’ve also mentioned, Podbean has what I think is the best free package on this list. The company offers 500 MB of storage for uploads, which equates to around five hours of content. On top of that, you’re allocated a monthly bandwidth of 100GB and your podcast episodes don’t expire. ⏳

The downside to this is that you don’t get a custom domain, but that’s a small price to pay for—well—nothing. It’s free! Podbean also has one of the easiest interfaces to work with. It’s minimally designed yet powerful, so you get the best of both worlds without any of the headaches. Keep an eye out for our Podbean review for a full guide on the good beans and bad beans of Podbeans. Beans. 


Spreaker Podcast Hosting Services

Spreaker rises to the same level as Podbean in that they also offer FIVE free hours of content uploads. You get an upper limit of 10 episodes, which is already a lot, but you’ll have unlimited listeners and episode scheduling. You can even record and livestream with the Spreaker app. ????

You’ll also get an embedded player for your website, an RSS feed for each podcast, and basic statistics like the number of downloads and daily listeners. All in all, Spreaker’s free package is second only to Podbeans, and that’s only by a very close margin. I’m personally excited to see where Spreaker will go in the future. ????

I mean, the company has great rates ($6, $18, and $45) yet offers competitive features and services. This is definitely one of the websites that I feel guilty for not adding to the top seven. We’ll publish a full review on Spreaker soon, so keep your email open for that!


RedCircle podcast advertising and management platform

RedCircle has by far one the most different pricing plans on the market. This podcast hosting site doesn’t directly charge you but instead keeps a certain percentage off your profit. While that might seem like a huge can of worms, the good news is that the free plan is basically the only plan. ⭕

All podcasts start free and you get every feature there is, from unlimited storage, distribution to all major podcast apps, advanced analytics, RedCircle’s Cross-Promotion Marketplace, and more! You only start to pay RedCircle when you start getting paid. For example, if you’re sponsored or donated to by a listener, RedCircle takes 4.5% of the payout. If you get paid subscriptions, RedCircle gets 12% of the payout. This goes on for advertising sponsorships and programmatic ads. 

While this sort of looks like the thing that bites you in the ass ????‍♀️ when you’re in the big leagues, I’d be lying if I didn’t respect RedCircle for looking at pricing plans differently. ???? Whether this works out for you in the long run will have to depend on the returns versus the costs, but the free plan is definitely an absolute steal, especially if you’re just looking to get yourself started. Keep an eye out for RedCircle review for more information. 

Anchor (by Spotify)

Anchor by Spotify Service

Anchor has a similar approach to RedCircle. In fact, they both came around the same time. Signing up to Anchor is free, with no limits to the features and benefits you get with other premium podcast hosting sites. ⚓

Anchor actually works similarly to Twitch, except that instead of live streaming video games you’ll be promoting your podcast brand. Listeners have the option to subscribe to your channel for a fee, which you split together with Anchor. Now, I appreciate companies that go above and beyond to support great causes so I should mention that Anchor temporarily waived off its cut from the Listener Support revenue from April 2020 to March 31, 2021. This was done in support for everyone on their platform who may be affected by the global pandemic. Absolutely heroic ????.

So just like RedCircle, Anchor is perfect for those of you who have nothing in the bank and just want to start out on a podcast with premium features. Unfortunately, despite my hype for Anchor, I cannot find a reliable metric for their pricing percentages. According to user reviews, the cut they get from advertisements and other revenues will sometimes vary. Our in-depth Anchor review should have some more information about this. ????


Podomatic service

Back to the usual pricing plans, Podomatic has a free package like Podbeans but with less bandwidth. For the Basic package, you’re looking at a free plan that gets you up to 500 MB of storage but only 15 GB of bandwidth every month. This however, doesn’t expire and will last until we all die from global warming. ????

Podomatic has been in the game since 2008, which makes it one of the older antiques on this list. Although it’s been around for long, there are a lot of mixed reviews here. For one, let’s start by addressing that Podomatic is a solid podcast hosting site. However, it doesn’t have the most customizability. ????

In short, Podomatic is a great free host to start with, but staying there is a different matter altogether. We’ll publish a separate Podomatic review to go in-depth on this topic.


Soundcloud Podcasts

It’s almost ironic how SoundCloud went from a platform full of indie music to another podcast hosting site. However, there’s beauty to the irony and SoundCloud seems to make it work. ????

SoundCloud offers a free package named SoundCloud Basic. This includes three hours of upload time, some basic stats and embed player control. So far so good. Now, there is a difference between podcast hosting sites that work on upload time or file size. But SoundCloud’s three free hours should be enough for new podcasters. For those of you that want to take podcasting a bit more seriously and have a lot of content to put out though, you’re better off with a free package that gives you more time. ⏲

Bottom line, SoundCloud is a great podcast hosting site but its free package does fall a bit short here. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Podcast Hosting Sites

  • What Is Podcast Hosting?

Podcast hosting is a service that offers to store and distribute audio files for a podcast. 

The podcast host will provide your very own podcast RSS feed, which is a listing of all your podcast episodes you’ve done, and subsequently submits it to services like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast directories. 

A podcast hosting service will also offer you additional perks such as analytics, embedded web players, post scheduling tools, and collaboration that help you publish and grow your podcast business.

It’s exactly the same as a website hosting service where it offers you to store your website’s files whilst at the same allow for it to be shown to viewers who arrive on the website (in this case your podcast’s listeners). 

  • How Do I Choose A Podcast Host?

Choosing a podcast host will depend on where you’re at in your podcast journey, as not all podcast hosting services are the same. Certain podcast hosting services are catered for beginners and others are for brands and enterprises, with their own pricings and features.

Here are our picks for the best podcast hosting services.

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Captivate
  3. Transistor
  4. Castos
  5. Podbean
  6. Simplecast
  7. Resonate

We go over our extensive reviews on them which cover their pricing, features, customer service, storage options, and more above.

  • Can I Use A Free Podcast Host?

Yes, you can use a free podcast host. However, we do not recommend it because most of the free podcast hosting plans will have limitations. Aspects like bandwidth, storage and distribution incur costs for the podcast host and they will need to make up for that expenses when they offer a free plan either by selling your data or running themselves to the ground with debt that ends up vanishing in a few months along with all your recorded podcasts.

The good news is we here at HustleHackers offer free, managed podcast hosting for you. We help investors and entrepreneurs build (and grow) profitable content sites that include podcast businesses in return for a percentage of your revenue share (only payable once you start making money).

The services will include:

  • Managed podcast free hosting
  • Business Consultations
  • Hiring and scaling the business
  • Transcribing
  • Marketing
  • Blog Content
  • Creating a website

  • Where Should I Publish My Podcast?

You should publish your podcast on a host that you can rely on. This means having features that put you on the edge against your competition. You’ll want to make sure that the podcast hosting site doesn’t give you a hard time when you want to migrate your content to another hosting site as well.

The best place to publish your podcast is somewhere that offers the perks you’re looking for. Want to monetize and grow your brand quickly? Transistor and Podbean have awesome marketplaces for affiliate marketing.

Want to have private podcasts for a lower price? bCast and other hosts provide a private feature for more affordable plans.

  • Why Can’t I Just Upload My Audio Files To My Website Host?

Uploading your audio files to your website host costs a lot of storage space. Not to mention that the streaming will also slow down your website network. Having a slow website is one of the biggest no-no’s to retaining visitors and getting a high SEO ranking.

Podcast hosting sites are built for storing and streaming your audio files. Their servers are optimized for that and it will save you both money and time to just have them handle your files rather than your own website host. 

You Might Also Ask

  • What is the best podcast hosting site?

Buzzsprout and Captivate are two of the best podcast hosting sites on the platform. They offer almost every feature in the industry and at competitive price points. Buzzsprout also has a free package for incoming podcasters who are just looking to try out podcasting.

  • Which is better Podbean or Buzzsprout?

Podbean and Buzzsprout are both excellent hosting platforms. Buzzsprout has Magic Mastering and other powerful tools, but Podbean dominates the market in other areas like having a better free package and being easier to use.

  • What are the most popular podcast platforms?

Buzzsprout, Captivate, and Podbeans are among the most popular podcast platforms in the industry. Other services like Transistor and Castos have their benefits too, but that depends on your needs. 

  • Should I host my podcast on my website?

You shouldn’t host your podcast on your website because these audio files are large and the streaming will slow down your website. Podcast hosting sites are built for streaming and storing podcasts, so take advantage of their premium service. 

  • Is there a free podcast host?

Yes, there are dozens of free podcast hosts out there. The popular ones are Buzzsprout, Spreaker, Anchor, Podbean, and RedCircle. You can get a free package with limits or directly sign up for free services with powerful features that take cuts off your direct profits.

  • How much does podcast hosting cost?

Podcast hosting can cost as much as $100 to as low as $5 a month. This can be made cheaper with annual plans. The cost of your podcast host will depend on your needs, as having access to more uploads, analytics, or features will depend on the payment plan you’re subscribed to.

best podcast hosting sites
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