Best Free Video Editing Software (for YouTube Channels, Businesses, Startups)

Free Video Editing Software

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Whether you’re a student, a freelancer, an influencer, an entrepreneur, or generally someone who makes a living online, learning ???? how to edit a video is an activity worth investing in. Not only will it add up to your skillset but also help improve your audience reach as we mentioned in our how to market your podcast article.

Video editing might seem a bit intimidating at first. But as a quote ???? from Bojack Horseman goes, “It gets easier.” So, for a head start, I’m giving you a list of the best free video editing software! 

If you’re in for the long read about the nuts and bolts of the best software for your desktop, mobile ????, and for Instagram, let’s start!

How to Choose the Best Video Editing Software

Before we get down to the best free video ???? editing software that you can use, here’s what you should do first.

  • Check the price. It’s either free or a freemium. With this criterion alone, you can already tell that there will be exclusive features and other stuff with the premium software. 
  • Explore the basic features. A video editing software should have a viewer or playback window ????, a library where you can see your video’s elements, a timeline, and a panel with all the effects and transitions. 
  • Look into the technical support and documentation. It will save your sanity at 4AM (when you’re STILL editing) if you have access to technical support. A comprehensive guide on how to troubleshoot your software problems would also be helpful.
  • Cross-check the system requirements. Make sure that the video editing software you’re eyeing ???? to use can be supported by your PC, laptop, or other gadgets. Lest you want to be yeeting your device at the break of dawn because of lag problems.
  • Survey the export options. Take the time to review whether the software can give you a 4K, 8K, 1080p, or whatever quality you desire. Otherwise, you may not produce the best quality results for your efforts.

Video Editing Software Features To Look Out For

It depends on what functions you’re looking for. If you’re just going to split a video, you won’t need premium features for that. But if a marketing ???? audiovisual presentation is what you’re aiming to produce, you should be looking for more.

  • Formats and resolutions. You could be dealing with clips taken using different gadgets with varying resolutions and formats. So, you’d want to make sure that your software can handle these inputs. With that, should there be the need to convert or compress the files, you’re confident that the software will deliver ????. 
  • Picture in picture, green screen, and other features for overlapping. Such features will come in handy if you’re making informative or entertaining content. With these, you can show more in your frame to engage your audience.
  • Library size. This feature could be the difference between a free or premium version. If you’re expecting to edit quite a volume of media files, an error message ???? about the capacity would be a pain in the butt. 
  • Compatibility. Video editing programs have specific hardware requirements to work properly. Consider your main editing device and look for software compatible with that.

Best Free Video Editing Software for Desktop

Springing from the last bullet point for features, here’s the best free video editing software for desktops ????️! 


Thanks to the GNU General Public License ???? acquired by its contributors, Blender will always be a free, open-source software available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers. This free video editing software gives you the perfect blend for basic and complex video editing tasks—from cutting and splicing to video masking and color grading. 

Best for: Creating 3D computer graphics content.

What’s Hot? Responsive development allows every user to make changes in the software’s code base.

What’s Not? Steep learning curve because of the robust collection of features ✨ included in the 3D pipeline.

free video editing software - 1


If you have watched films like The Wolf of Wall Street and were aspiring to edit your videos like those, then check out Lightworks ????—the professional editor for everyone.

This free video editing software has a simple and intuitive interface where you can do editing and trimming, as well as applying visual effects in real-time. There’s royalty-free audio and video content, too, on this tool that’s available on Windows, Mac  OS, and Linux free for download. 

Best for: Beginners who want to produce professional, quality videos ????.

What’s Hot? Optimized for speed ????, you can render, import, and export without delay. 

What’s Not? No split and merge features and video stabilization.

free video editing software - 2


Shotcut is an open-source, free video editing software that you can download and use on your Windows, Mac OS ????, or Linux computers. It offers wide format, Blackmagic Design, and resolution support of up to 4k. There’s also the toggle-snapping feature that gets rid of any blank space on your timeline. 

Best for: Practicing the basics of video editing as a beginner or entry-level user, or even for audio enthusiasts.

What’s Hot? Native timeline editing and extensive technical support. 

What’s Not? Might be a bit picky about the hardware ⚙️ specifications according to this Shotcut 2021 review. Not as intuitive as developers thought it would be. 

free video editing software - 3

DaVinci Resolve

If your creative challenge is something along the lines of editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production, the solution is getting the DaVinci Resolve software! I’m sure of it because that’s actually coming from a very credible ???? source—on their website. It’s available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and can be used for entry, intermediate, and complex video editing stints. 

Best for: Advanced video editing creatives.

What’s Hot? ???? User-friendly pages specific to a video editing task. VERY intuitive.

What’s Not? Expansive toolkit might be a bit overwhelming at first. Also, tutorial videos for more complex editing can come at a cost.

free video editing software - 4


Openshot is 100 percent free and open-source forever (thanks to GPL version 3.0). This simple but powerful video editing tool ???? has a cross-platform support that allows you to work on your Windows, MacOS, or Linux computers.

Best for: Intermediate video editors who prefer function over extra features.

What’s Hot? Quick to learn, no-fuss interface. Unlimited ♾️ layering and lots of stock language.

What’s Not? Very few tutorials available. 

free video editing software - 5


Well, Avidemux is pretty straightforward ???? with what it can offer you—simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It’s available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and the only software that can be used on BSD. Really, this free video editing is very basic, but it does the job. 

Best for: The most basic edits or rough cuts ✂️, if you may.

What’s Hot? Super simple interface, no need for technical support and video tutorials.

What’s Not? Basic features only.

free video editing software - 6

HitFilm Express

Developers of HitFilm Express believe that no one needs to pay for anything to play with this tool ????. It’s completely free and does not skimp on the features for that professional-grade video editing.

Best for: Beginners, film students, gamers, YouTubers, or any creative who wish to produce Hollywood-style films on a budget

What’s Hot? Built-in voice ???? recorder (If you’re not sure what mic to use for this app, check out the best podcast microphones while we’re at it). Wide selection of effects and presents.

What’s Not? Learning process might take a while. Not available on Linux.

free video editing software - 7


InVideo has a free version with full-editing features ???? and allows you to export up to 60 videos per month. There’s a wide range of editable templates, stock images, graphics, and audio that you can use to your heart’s content while editing. This software is available on Windows and Mac OS.

Best for: Short clips for marketing.

What’s Hot? Easy to use and very flexible.

What’s Not? Projects made using the free version will have the InVideo watermark ????. 

free video editing software - 8


iMovie is a basic video clip editing tool only available on Mac OS. With this tool, you can create a masterpiece ???? out of your photos and videos using its built-in features like extra special effects, high-fidelity filters, and simplified soundtracks. You can even make use of their picture-in-picture and green-screen effects.

Best for: Beginner video editors who are Mac OS users.

What’s Hot? Easy ???? to learn. Tutorials available on the internet. Layering feature. No watermark.

What’s Not? Import and render takes a while. No keyframe animations.

free video editing software - 9

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor enables you to take on a wide spectrum ???? of projects where you can unleash your creativity. From simple video editing to improving audio quality, capturing desktop screens, and even recording voiceovers, VSDC can deliver! 

Speaking of voiceovers, you might want to check out the difference between USB and XLR mics to figure out which would work best for you. 

Best for: Video-editors who mainly use Windows or any Windows-based project.

What’s Hot? Automatic file ???? renaming and updating meta tags, non-linear program.

What’s Not? Tutorials don’t come for free.

free video editing software - 10

Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online allows you to work on your project online—no need to download and install, no registration, no watermark, no strings attached ????. What’s more is that there’s a whole collection of stock photos and royalty-free music that you can also take advantage of. 

This free video editing software is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux in any browser. 

Best for: Making high-quality animation, ad, YouTube music, and advertisement videos ???? on Windows.

What’s Hot? Lots of freeware, transitions, effects auto-preview and includes voiceovers.

What’s Not? If you opt for the downloadable version, you might encounter some problems with the installation.

free video editing software - 11

Best Free Video Editing Software for Mobile

For people always on-the-go who need to take snaps and candid clips for whatever purpose, it would be nice and handy to have a video editing software that you can use on your mobile devices ????. 

So, we went ahead and listed the best free video editing software for mobile so you can choose which one works best for you. 


Available on iOS and Android, Quik allows you to import photos and videos from your phone, GoPro, or other photo capturing devices. You can probably tell that this app is from the makers of GoPro because its features accommodate the specs of the action camera ????.

Best for: When you have a GoPro action camera.

What’s Hot? Automatic highlight video with auto-sync music ????.

What’s Not? Not suitable for long-form videos.

free video editing software - 12

Adobe Premiere Rush

Available on iOS and Android, Adobe Premiere Rush will definitely not let you go with a rushed ????‍♂️ project. And speaking of an interesting and quite effective brand labeling, you can also learn more about how to choose the best name for your podcast or other products by clicking on this link.

Like other apps, it’s basically just tapping on your phone and dragging elements to suit your style. There are available templates and presets so you won’t have to start from scratch ????. Even if you do start from a plain canvas, you can maneuver things in the app at a leisurely pace.

Best for: When you already have experience ???? with other Adobe softwares.

What’s Hot? Aspect ratios compatible with any social networking site.

What’s Not? Limited to 3 exports only.


Horizon is a quirky app that is more like a video maker app than a video editing app because of a sparse toolkit. It allows you to shoot up to a 4k resolution with 60 fps ????, but at best, it functions as a video filter to make your clips a bit more put together than the raw files. You can download this app on both iOS and Android devices.

Best for: Creatives who are working on horizontal clips ???? and videos. 

What’s Hot? Easy touch-up for horizontal videos.

What’s Not? It resizes all your videos to fit a horizontal layout, regardless of the actual orientation.

With you can create professional-quality marketing videos in just a few minutes. Choose from 12 million quality templates and an expansive collection of music ???? that you can use as long as you want with a lifetime license. 

Available on iOS and Android, this award-winning, free, and open-source video editing software can help your brand stand out through your creative projects.

Best for: Marketing and business-related videos and clips.

What’s Hot? Lots of video tutorials online. Super easy to use and navigate ????.

What’s Not? Quite challenging to place texts and effects on the smaller screens of mobile devices.


A free video editor and maker, Splice, should deliver the best results for trimming clips, adding music, and creating movies or slideshows on your mobile. Manipulating the video’s speed ????, visual effects, titles, and layouts? Do it all in a snap with Splice.

Best for: Quick, minimal editing tasks.

What’s Hot ????? No ads! 

What’s Not? You can experience lagging from time to time.


Sharing cool videos to various social media platforms is also possible with Vizmato. This powerful ???? free video editing tool has a slideshow maker, an extensive built-in collection of visual effects, filters, themes, and music. 

Available on iOS and Android, Vizmato allows you to add voice-over ???? narration, too. This is perfect if you have a podcast ad or are working on an episode, and you have to submit it to podcast directories soon. On the subject of directories, check out the best podcast hosting sites here

Best for: Creating or recording audio clips, videos, or GIFs.

What’s Hot? Allows you to save videos in your device and supports social media sharing.

What’s Not? Original audio quality is affected when you add sound effects ????.

Best Free Video Editing Apps for Instagram


If you want to create beautiful videos using exclusive editing styles and customizable elements, Magisto could be the best and fastest tool ⛏ at your perusal. 

Just choose an editing style, add footage, and upload an audio file, and Magisto’s AI will do the rest for you. Although it’s available on iOS and Android, Magisto is more suited for Chrome OS and its users.

Best for: Streamlining the editing process for your Youtube videos or other larger-scale media ????.

What’s Hot? You only need to do three things ????, and the rest is basically done.

What’s Not? Can only accommodate minute-long videos. The video picker tool is not very accurate.


Boomerang is popular for the back and forth loops that you can easily record ???? and share on Instagram. This video maker-slash-editor is available on iOS and Android devices. The resulting mini-video is essentially a collection of 10 burst shots sped a few times faster.

Best for: Mini clips you’d want to loop ➰ for a better presentation.

What’s Hot? Takes just a few seconds to create a mini video.

What’s Not? That’s all it does.


Another app that can speed up your clips like a timelapse or even 12 times more is Hyperlapse, which is only available on iOS by the way. Thanks to Instagram’s video stabilization feature, you can go ahead and do time-lapse videos without using camera ???? accessories and other related equipment. 

Best for: Active people who also shoot moving subjects.

What’s Hot? Instant ???? stabilization for a cinematic vibe. 

What’s Not? You can only apply the effect on a live video. Not too many social media platforms to share the clips to, just Facebook and Instagram.


If you’re looking for a professional video editor that you can get right into with just a few taps on your phone, PicPlayPost is the one. With full editing capabilities and a large library ???? capacity, you can create and share high-quality, high-resolution videos in just a few minutes. It has a watermark but you get to decide if you want to include it or not on your videos.  

Best for: Creating collages, slideshows, and live video wallpapers in fitness or travel vlogs ????.

What’s Hot? Scrolling videos. Supports a wide variety of aspect ratios.

What’s Not? Other features might not be available on lower phone ???? models.

Apple Clips

If iMovie is to Mac OS, Apple Clips is to iPhones and iPads. Downsizing this free video editing tool proportional to the relatively smaller devices compromised the extensive features ???? of this Apple-only tool. 

Best for: Students or influencers creating vertical or horizontal videos using augmented reality effects.

What’s Hot? The LiDAR feature allows depth-sensing and other augmented reality features like Memojis ????.

What’s Not? Limited aspect ratios available. 


A powerful free video editing software available on iOS and Android, Filmora is jam-packed with features but is easy to use. This tool caters to both beginners and professional directors ????.

Best for: Creating marketing videos or presentations like architectural perspectives, etc.

What’s Hot? Can be used offline ????.

What’s Not? Unless you subscribe to premium, it has a watermark at the end of the video.

Which Programs do Most YouTubers Use?

According to Shopify, here’s what most YouTubers of 2021 use in editing their video and content ????:

  • Lightworks ????
  • HitFilm Express
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • VSDC Free Video Editor
  • OpenShot
  • Shotcut
  • Blender
  • Movie Maker 10
  • iMovie
  • Magisto

You Might Also Ask

How can I edit a video like a pro?

Sure, the quality of your creative projects will depend largely on how robust your tool kit is. But more importantly, what you can control and continue to work on is your caliber as a video editor ????.

So, here are eight tips you need to master on how to edit videos like a Pro:

  • Organize your creative projects and make a directory for future reference.
  • Always have two storage units for your files: one in the Cloud ☁️ and one on your hand.
  • Keep it short and succinct.
  • Gear up with the best weapon. If you’re working on a 3D project, make sure to use software suitable for that, like Blender.
  • Master the art of b-rolls and cutaways. Don’t ever settle with jump cuts.
  • Explore other audio sources. There’s a good chance that the perfect audio is not in your software’s media library.
  • Place your camera ???? at other angles than the one directly facing you. Use them to vary your shots and cover up unflattering clips.
  • Create a flow for your storyline. Start with a ripple, have a cliff-hanger if you can, make the flow as seamlessly as possible. Works wonders! 

Can you learn video editing by yourself?

Of course, you can! There are lots of resources about video editing in perhaps every way you want to learn how. It’s not difficult to teach yourself how to edit, but you have to commit to it. Otherwise, it will be very challenging ✨. 

Is it hard to edit videos?

Everything is hard at first, but it gets easier. So if you’re just learning how to edit, the best you can do is to do research about it and keep notes ????️ on actionable steps that you can implement to make editing a bit lighter on your shoulders.

How long does it take to edit a 20-minute video?

Definitely not 20 minutes. Considering the amount of footage you have, the capability of your software, your aesthetic and editing, as well as the post-production, it will take more than a few hours to edit that video. Others procrastinate editing until a few hours before the deadline for the creative juices to flow, but it does not always give the best outputs.

Is learning video editing worth it?

This might be a case-to-case basis, but learning video editing has more advantages to offer than disadvantages when viewed from the right perspective. For one, that’s a new skill that no one can take away from you. Sure, it will cost more cups of coffee and sleepless nights ???? than you’ll care to admit. But the satisfaction of publishing a video you edited and worked on by yourself? Priceless.

How long do I need to learn video editing?

There’s a reason why video editors and other professions, in general, are classified as beginner, intermediate, or expert. That is because they vary in their knowledge ???? and experience in their craft. Yes, you can learn in just a month or two, but the technique, skill, and editing style are things you’ll need to develop through months and years of practice.  

Final Words

  • The decision on which of the best free video editing software to use is still up to you. I just helped you out a bit by doing research about them to save you some time ????. 
  • Videos are everywhere. It wouldn’t hurt to keep up with its development and try to learn a thing or two about this media, especially if you’re looking for opportunities in the creator economy.
  • It helps to check out reviews for the type of content, hosting sites (like this one), products, and other elements relevant to your craft. 
  • In the case of video content, how good your editing is can be the difference between a hundred versus a thousand views. So, if you really want to take the lead in marketing your brand, go ahead and sharpen ???? your editing skills.

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