Best Asana Alternatives in 2021

asana alternatives

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There’s no denying the fact that with the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are juggling even more work ????️ than what we can realistically handle. While project management tools such as Asana can only do so much to alleviate productivity woes, that specific tool for creators may not be the perfect match for you. 

Asana knows the rules of the productivity game and delivers outputs as expected. It is a cloud-based project management application that’s been around since 2008 and is continuously innovating its features and tweaking its prices to make it more favorable to customers.

In the event that you are no longer satisfied with this project management tool, or are in the occasional phase of trying something new for inspiration or change, here are the best paid and free Asana alternatives in 2021. 

Why You Might Want to Look For Asana Alternatives

People operate in different ways when dealt with different situations so we should really not expect a tool that can be wielded perfectly by everybody. In the case of Asana, here are a few reasons why it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

asana alternatives - 1
  • Subtasks not organized hierarchically
  • Pricing is reasonable but there are cheaper, competitive ones available
  • Markdowns and integrations not supported
  • Lack of agile project management features
  • Insufficient reporting features

Things to Look for Asana Alternatives

Asana is undoubtedly one of the pioneer tools ???? in project management, so they already have the basic features in check. With that being said, we’ve listed out the things that Asana alternatives should be offering, at the very least, for your consideration:

  • Meets or exceeds Asana’s level of simplicity
  • Additional functional features
  • More flexible pricing plans

Best Alternatives to Asana

Now, we’ve come to the reason why you decided to read this article! The best alternatives to Asana are coming right up! – With Free Plan

Work without limits with our first Asana alternative, Unlike Asana, which is a paid service platform, offers a free plan for you. Expect limits on storage and some features, but that’s almost always the catch for free plans. With so much to offer, is one that ticks off every box on the things to look for an Asana alternative.

asana alternatives - 2

Key Features:

Here is a glimpse of what’s in store for you at

  • Integrations
  • Automations
  • Dashboards
  • Kanban boards
  • Gantt charts
  • Files 

It’s no secret that also does a great job in advertising. Among the Asana alternatives we have on this list, it’s one of those whose ads I see on a regular basis while scouring the internet myself. In fact, I’m tempted to try out their free plan. But if you are interested, their pricing plans range from $8 to $16 a month per seat. 

Get started with

nTask – With Free Plan

We have another free online task and project management software for teams in the name of nTask. I must say, it’s pretty witty adding the “n” before the task because we all know how sometimes tasks pile up and we forget what’s the actual count. But then again, this is one example of an aptly-named software. So, do you have a podcast ????️, too? Check out some tips on how to choose the best podcast name here. 

asana alternatives - 3

Key Features:

nTask categorized its features so you will feel less cluttered and messy. For scatterbrains like myself who struggle sometimes with keeping things where they belong, categorization works wonders!

  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Kanban boards
  • Gantt charts
  • Team management
  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Meeting management
  • Issue tracking
  • Risk management

nTask is very generous with its pricing plans. Not only do they offer a basic plan for freelancers and individuals for free but also provide 14-days of free trial for SMEs, startups, large corporations, and enterprises. They also have new features per plan that you might be interested in.

Try nTask for free.

Quire – Free

They say the fastest way to unfold your ideas is through visualization. If you share the same sentiment, the Asana alternative that will be most suitable for you is Quire. Think about breaking down big, daunting projects into smaller, more digestible tasks that you are more likely to take action on. Quire’s got your back.

asana alternatives - 4

Key Features:

If there’s one thing that we all want while working, I reckon it is to do the task at hand well in the shortest time possible. Not shortcuts, just, efficient and effective work. These features make Quire your time-saving productivity companion.

  • Nested task list
  • My tasks at glance
  • Outsource to external team
  • Teamwork in real time
  • Recurring tasks
  • Kanban board
  • Smart folders
  • Share your projects with clients or anyone
  • Timeline
  • Health stats
  • Sublist
  • Roles and permissions
  • Siri for tasks
  • Instant messaging
  • Github integration

There are still 30 more features in Quire, if you are wondering if these are all. Asana is actually included in the list of sites where you might be migrating from to Quire. I suggest that you sign up to Quire now while it’s still free of charge. This Asana alternative is quite a gem and would be a shame if you miss out on it.

Sign up to Quire for free.

Wrike – With Free Plan

Wrike, like Asana, is one of the best Airtable alternatives in 2021 ✊. Having them on the same list suggests that they have features that are on par with each other but no two software have the exact same offerings. This is why we also recommend the online project management tool, Wrike, as an Asana alternative.

asana alternatives - 5

Key Features:

Whether you are set on building a path, setting a timeline, prioritizing and visualizing, checking the outcome, or analyzing the results of your projects, Wrike can help make the process a tad bit easier.

  • Custom workflows
  • Interactive Gantt charts
  • To-do’s and dashboards
  • Collaborative proofing and approval
  • Easy-to-use report wizard

Wrike has pricing plans for fast-growing marketing and creative teams, as well as service delivery teams. For teams getting started, there’s a free plan for you! For others, there’s a professional plan for $9.80/ month or the popular business plan for $24.80/month. You can also contact them for more custom pricing. Take advantage of their 14-day free trial before you swipe your card.

Start your free trial with Wrike by entering your business email.

MeisterTask – With Free Plan

For teams based in €pe who are in need of a task management tool, our first recommendation would be MeisterTask. This Asana alternative has a solid foundation, an intuitive design, and a customizable workflow. But the most essential thing that MeisterTask can provide you with is peace of mind. I mean, take all my money, because that thing is very hard to get by at these challenging times.

asana alternatives - 6

Key Features:

MeisterTask sports a sleek and intuitive user interface that envelopes a bunch of impressive features to keep you productive and at the top of your game. For now, here are the categories you’d want to unveil once you’ve decided to go with this amazing Asana alternative.

  • Project features
  • Task features
  • Features just for you
  • Features for analysis
  • Features for admins
  • Features for communication
  • Features for making the leap

As the most intuitive and efficient tool for team tasks management, MeisterTask deserves to raise their fees with the features they’re offering. But because they are generous, they have their Basic plan for free while the Pro and Business plans only cost $4.19 and $10.39/month, respectively.

Start your first project with MeisterTask.

Nifty – With Free Plan

So, you have a task, a project, or communication files you need to manage? Do these and more with Nifty, the number one project management app awarded by G2. Here, you can make things easier by creating a clear plan of action so your focus ???? is not diverted and time is not wasted.

asana alternatives - 7

Key Features:

The following features are sure to inspire your productivity.

  • Discussions
  • Tasks
  • Time tracking
  • Project home
  • Milestones (Gantt chart)
  • Docs and files
  • Reporting 
  • Project portfolios

Since Nifty is very flexible, you can use it for agile development, client management, digital agencies, legal case management, marketing, and product teams. However, this Asana alternative is pricier than others we have mentioned so far but that’s because there’s no per-user fee which makes the others cheaper. Nifty’s pricing plans range from $49 to $499/month but you get two months free if you subscribe to the annual plans.

Try Nifty for free or get a demo.

Freedcamp – With Free Plan

High-performance teams need tools that can keep up with them. If you lead or belong to such a team, it would be a good thing to consider Freedcamp as an alternative to Asana. Aside from the fact that it can help you get things done, it’s also 100 percent free to try, which makes it even more possible for you to enjoy a more productive day!

asana alternatives - 8

Key Features:

Streamline your projects, processes, and workflow using Freedcamp features.

  • Task list and board
  • Kanban board
  • Subtask
  • Gantt chart (only available in the paid versions)
  • Tasky
  • Calendar
  • Discussions
  • Milestones
  • Wiki
  • Issue tracker
  • Time
  • Password
  • Invoices
  • Project templates
  • CRM
  • Backups
  • Widget board
  • White label
  • 3rd party integrations

Whether you choose to avail of the free or the paid plans, you will get unlimited tasks, projects, and storage just the same with Freedcamp. Their Minimalist plan costs $2.49, Business plan for $7.49, and Enterprise plan for $16.99 per month.

Start being more productive today.

Scoro – Paid

Do you treat time like money, a resource that also runs out when not handled properly? If you do, then you and Scoro should be besties! Not only will Scoro allow you to know how your team spends their work time ⏱️, but also tells you how much that’s worth. Trust me, it’s not as controlling as you might think it is. 

Key Features:

Switch from reactive to proactive management with features from Scoro.

  • Time management
  • Utilization optimization
  • Project management
  • Sales and CRM
  • Finances
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Integrations
  • Enterprise-ready support

If you are intrigued with Scoro’s rationale but are not ready to commit to their plans full time, then take advantage of their self-onboarding plan available for teams of up to nine people. They have plans for everyone from smaller teams to large enterprises ranging from €22 to €33 per user per month with a minimum of five users.

Request a demo or start your Scoro free trial.

KanbanFlow – With Free Plan

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro techniques and have realized that it is an essential part of your workflow? Well, there’s one Asana alternative that supports the Pomodoro technique so it’s definitely right up your alley. That is KanbanFlow, a Lean project management tool that’s growing popular nowadays.

Key Features:

As you may have guessed, KanbanFlow is a combination of Kanban board and workflow. With that being said, its features are definitely anchored to these concepts.

  • WIP limits
  • Subtasks
  • Swimlanes
  • Filter
  • Recurring tasks
  • Relations
  • Completed tasks by date
  • Documents and file attachments
  • Search
  • Collapse columns
  • Timer
  • Time spent report
  • Cumulative flow
  • Cycle and lead time
  • Burndown, throughput
  • Calendar, dashboard
  • Forecasting
  • Time estimate and task count
  • Board task and history
  • Integrations

Although most free versions have certain limitations, KanbanFlow’s free plan remains powerful and packed with what’s essential. Switching to premium is also not bank-breaking because it’s only $5/ month per user and is available for a 14-day free trial. Plus, you can get 10 percent off if you pay for an annual subscription.

Sign up to KanbanFlow for free.

ClickUp – With Free Plan

Many have aspired to become an all-in-one productivity app but I reckon that ClickUp has already established that they are the one app you need to replace them all. It’s so versatile that it is included also on the list of best Typeform alternatives, among others.

Key Features:

Here are the top-selling features of ClickUp but keep in mind ???? that there is more to explore in this all-in-one app.

  • Forms
  • Notepad
  • Gantt chart
  • Dashboard
  • Time tracking
  • Sprints
  • Mind Maps
  • Super Rich Editing
  • Single Sign-On
  • Hotkeys and Shortcuts
  • Integrations

You won’t even have to decide for long about which plan to choose because it’s just either free or premium at ClickUp. For a small fee of $9/month, you can have the full experience with the one app that replaces them all! And their free plan? That’s $0 forever! I see no reason not to grab this opportunity.

Bitrix24 – With Free Plan

Communication, tasks, projects, CRM, contact center, and websites are quite challenging to handle as it is, so you need a tool that can lighten the workload. If you are looking for this kind of tool, Bitrix24 is just the right Asana alternative for you. It’s free, unlimited, and online. What more can you ask for? 

Key Features:

Since we’ve specifically enumerated the work tasks that Bitrix24 can help you with, it’s safe to say that these features are designed for communications, tasks, projects, CRM, contact center, and websites.

  • HD video calls and conferences
  • Charts
  • Work time tracking
  • Lead acquisition
  • Lead management
  • Sales automations
  • Workload management
  • Task templates and automation
  • Visual project management
  • Telephony
  • Live chat
  • Contact forms
  • Website builder
  • Online store
  • SEO-ready
  • Landing pages
  • Free hosting
  • Custom domain name
  • Responsive design
  • Superblocks

As of August 2021, Bitrix24 has a very generous offer for Cloud plans. If you pay for two years of your plan, you can get 40 percent off. Without the promotions, the original prices for the Basic, Standard, and Unlimited plans are $49/month for five users, $99/month for 50 users, and $199/month for unlimited users. Bitrix24 also has a free plan for an unlimited number of users but with limited storage and features.

Register for free on Bitrix24.

Smartsheet – With Free Trial

If the specific software and solution you are looking for are for work collaboration using spreadsheets ???? as the main format, Smartsheet trumps other Asana alternatives in 2021. What’s more is that everything about this tool is dynamic, which consequently helps in agile development and will hopefully be more beneficial to developers out there. Are you ready to check this one out?

Key Features:

Smartsheet features and capabilities are devoted to transforming the way you work, and for the better, of course.

  • Activity log
  • Admin center
  • Admin tools
  • Attach files
  • API
  • Cell linking
  • Content collaboration
  • Critical path
  • Custom branding
  • Custom email domains
  • Data retention controls
  • Document generation
  • E-signatures
  • Notification center
  • Premium add-ons
  • Resource management
  • Update requests

You can try SmartSheet for free and enjoy its core dynamic work capabilities but if you want more, do check out their Individual, Business, and Enterprise plans. When billed annually, they cost $14 and $25/month. I recommend their paid plans rather than the free plan because there are so many premium add-ons that you could be missing out with the free plan.

Try Smartsheet for free.

Basecamp – With Free Plan

Aside from an effective project management tool, communication software is also a necessity in running your team. If you are on the hunt for an all-in-one toolkit for working remotely, we have just the perfect Asana alternative for you—Basecamp. 

Key Features:

Developers of Basecamp also introduced the book entitled REMOTE, which is akin to a manual about working remotely. With this, you can already tell that Basecamp is well-adaptable to the demands of the virtual and remote setup we are in right now.

  • Message board
  • To-dos 
  • Schedule
  • Docs and files
  • Group chat
  • Automatic check-ins
  • Client access
  • Hill charts
  • Direct messages
  • Email forwards
  • Reports
  • Notifications
  • Search

One of the few apps here that implements flat pricing, Basecamp only costs $99/ month compared to $193.50 per month for five people of Slack, Asana Premium, Dropbox for Teams, and G Suite. Yep, all of the things that those four apps can do can also easily be carried out by a single app that is Basecamp. They are also offering free accounts for teachers and students, as well as discounts for nonprofits. If you pay for an annual subscription upfront, you get 15 percent off. 

Try Basecamp for free.

You Might Ask

What is comparable to Asana?

Although ClickUp is among the last ones that we presented on this list, it is the closest competitor of Asana. It’s as simple to use, as powerful ???? (thanks to its amazing features), and definitely cheaper than Asana. Not to mention how convenient and seamless it is to integrate other apps in ClickUp, which you won’t even have the chance to do with Asana.

Does Google have anything like Asana?

At the moment, Asana is a recommended app for Google Suite. But there’s no parallel comparison among the many apps under Google yet.

Which is better: Asana or Basecamp?

When it comes to the price and customer support, Basecamp wins by a mile over Asana. But in terms of features, integrations, and startup process, Asana dominates the field. Depending on your non-negotiables, one is definitely a better option than the other.

Is Smartsheet better than Asana?

If your go-to setup is the spreadsheet, then the best tool for you is Smartsheet. But if you are looking for a more inclusive format that can accommodate your work tasks, you should be vetting on Asana.

Is Asana owned by Google?

No, Asana is not Google-owned. But there’s no denying the fact that Justin Rosenstein was a Google employee. He teamed up with Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz in 2008 to create the productivity tool that we come to know now as Asana.

Which is better: Notion or Airtable?

Both Notion and Airtable are database apps that you should consider adding to your productivity tool kit. The main difference is that Notion can accommodate documents, while Airtable can only deal with spreadsheets and databases, therefore it has more depth. On the other hand, Airtable has more integrations which makes workflow more dynamic and suitable for developers. 


There’s no shame in looking for alternatives to better your workflow and increase productivity. If anything, what we need is something to help us out rather than drag us down ????. So, if you’re thinking that you deserve more help from tools and service providers, then feel free to check out other options.

While we are in the context of productivity and work management tools, you might also be interested in the best Notion alternatives to use in 2021. We hope you find the project management tool that best fits your needs and meets your expectations because we can all use a helping hand in these trying times. 

Take advantage of the free plans, the free trials, and the discounts, because once the pandemic is over, these might not be as close to reach as it is now. 

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